Russian roulette - 2nd @ Turin CO

wowarlok 154

The runner's face right before accessing an advanced card.

The runner's face right before accessing an advanced card.

I piloted this list at Turin CO with a 4-1 record, winning against Tao, two Hoshikos and Esa mill and losing against Padma.

The strategy of the deck is very simple: ice up HQ and a remote, IAA as many time as possible abusing Pravdivost's ability to score cheaply, build deadly traps or assemble game winnig combos.

The agenda suite is straight forward: Offworld Office helps with keeping up with tempo, Remastered Edition opens up many tricks and Project Beale usually takes the role of the winnig agenda by being woth either 2 quick or 3 slow points, depending on the situation.

Drago Ivanov is your most common win condition, providing you with the 2 tags you need to make the runner go BOOM! Pravdivost, Seamless Launch and Vladisibirsk City Grid all help you set up the kill, with the latter doubling as a fast advance tool too.

To deter the runner from checking the remote every time you install someting you have Chekist Scion, that can lead to a swift boom kill or a huge economic swing, and Urtica Cipher, that, when accessed, ususally ends the game. Both traps have the positive side effect of protecting your upgrades when not triggered, opening up an uncontestable scoring window.

Ice Wall and Mestnichestvo are there to trigger Pravdivost even when your remote is empty, Wraparound used to be IP Block, but I got tired of people running past it by paying the trace, so I decided in favor of the harder gear check that still work as Aumakua hate. Last but not least Vasilisa is the best remote ice this deck could ask, making all the traps far more dangerous.

Best Defense is probably the worst card in the deck. I decided to slot it as a way to deal with No One Home and Misdirection, but I never actually played it. Depending on how the meta shapes up, I would suggest swapping it out for a third NGO Front.

Overall the deck is a blast to play, with a refreshing playstile filled with chances to bluff. It performs well against most runners, with the exception of Captain Padma Isbister, who can void both of your traps by quickly getting rid of tags and by always having a 7 cards hand.

Huge thank you to @koga for helping me test the deck and pushing for me to bring it to the event and to @Berzelius for organising the event.