PPE - Positive Player Experience

Sotomatic 968

PPE - Positive Player Experience!

With so much negativity in today's Netrunner I wanted to create a legal deck that allowed your opponent to have as much fun as possible!!

Our goal was to give your opponent as much of a positive feeling as you can, while making sure our deck is 100% legal, so our card choices all revolve around that theme


Harmony Medtech seemed like the most logical choice so our opponent can win quickly so 6 points to be the logical choice here. In testing I've found that asking your opponent to score 7 points is just too much and can lead to long unfun and aggravating games; turning what is a fun and positive experience into a slogfest.


We consulted !ratios and decided on the classic 19 agenda suite so our opponent can score as many as times as possible. We want our deck to be as agenda dense as we can! No 3 pointers here. Consistency is key!


Everyone loves card draw so allowing the runner to draw possibly 3 additional cards per turn makes for a fun and exciting experience for your opponent. All those extra cards allow them the options that they desire while drawing ourselves 3 extra cards means more chances to draw those sweet sweet agendas to again maximize our opponents efforts!


Again, card draw seemed appropriate here as we wanted to stock as many in hand as we can so that our opponents runs are as fruitful as possible. Shipment from MirrorMorph also allows us to install 3 agendas in a single slick! Again our goal is to make the game as positive as we can for our opponent and we want to maximize their accesses.


Lastly we come to our ice choice. If you find our opponent is really struggling and cant seem to find that last winning agenda Kitsune allows us to make sure they find the positive winning experience they crave when we force them to access the win!

Hopefully we see more decks like these in tournaments because like you, the crushing and soul sucking experience that a lot of the competitive decks bring needs balance to make sure our numbers continue to stay strong and we grow this game as much as possible!!! PPE is the Ying to IG Superfriends Yang.

8 Jun 2016 H0tl1ne

You might have mistaken "having a fun game" with "letting the other player win". Just a thought.

8 Jun 2016 TonyStellato

This needs Medical Research Fundraiser

8 Jun 2016 level42somacruz

No Medical Research Fundraiser? Give the runner a little extra cash to help trash Hiro?

8 Jun 2016 Oziride

This deck is fantastic, but I think that 3/1 is stressful for the runner, an entire run to steal only 1 point? Yep using 3/2 4/2 lower the agenda density but make also space for some medical research and similar nice cards

8 Jun 2016 Oziride

Uh, I haven't noticed, no mental health? We must give to the poor runner must a way to not discard the cards that we help him draw

8 Jun 2016 Snake Eyes

@Sotomaticjanked my Clippy deck.

There is going to be an update on the PPE deck once Fear the Masses comes out and I can publish it.

Coming to a meta near you!

8 Jun 2016 daytodave

I think you're going about this the wrong way with so much focus on draw, and I agree with @Oziride that 1-pointers can be stressful for poor runnies.

I would cut the Green Levels and Shipments, and use that nine influence for 3x Localized Product Line. Then you can switch to 5/3s, and you can pull a win for your opponent straight out of R&D with one click!

So what do we do with the 15 deck slots we just opened up? More ice, that's what.

3x Levy University - This is the card that makes it all possible, enabling a sweet combo where every click you can pull an ice out of your deck, further increasing your agenda density.

3x Shiro - This helps you fix the order of R&D, pulling agendas to the top, and has the benefit of enabling a positive player experience off of R&D, even if they're running on an empty HQ.

3x Chimera - This is the perfect card for boosting a runnie's self-esteem. You can make sure it always matches the type of ice breaker they have installed, so your opponent will always feel like they did a good job!

3x Bullfrog - Put this in front of the Levy University. If the runnie tries to disrupt your strategy by running it, you can easily redirect them back to R&D.

3x Crick - Put this on the server defending your Palana Agroplex. That way, if your opponent wants to trash it they can, without having to pay that crazy 5 cost, and you can replace it with an agenda from Archives at the same time.

8 Jun 2016 bkirz

This deck will benefit from the release of Merger.

8 Jun 2016 gozik

Dude plz add some offer you can't refuse. Runner would love to have free runs.

9 Jun 2016 Sunyavadin

No celebrity gifts to let them see they have nothing to fear from HQ multi-access?

9 Jun 2016 Netrunnerunner

I second the Chimera recommendation. The lack of ICE+icebreaker interaction sounds like it's been a big part of the negative player experience lately. Giving the runner a chance for that interaction will really help them have a more positive experience.

Definitely don't run Celebrity Gift. The runner's experience is so much more positive when they THINK you might have a big mean trap, only to find out they were a lucky duck who managed to steal an agenda!

9 Jun 2016 h0bb35

This has to win decklist of the week, no matter what.

9 Jun 2016 Oziride

think about Disposable HQ , can remove all your non agendas from hand.
Also, why not Political Dealings ? Come on, is a GREAT card, rezzed and with a Green Level Clearance help runnies to know where are your agendas.

9 Jun 2016 Alsciende

Make Netrunner Fun Again! I wish I could upvote some of the suggestions in the comments ;)

9 Jun 2016 noon

Finally a breath of fresh air after the oppression of oppressive decks. Truly the first interactive corp deck!

10 Jun 2016 Pilltechre

I'd be worried that if a Shaper/Maxx sees Agroplex and Chronos Project early it could cause some stress as they worry about their discard pile? Could also give the false impression that there could be traps lurking. On the other hand, if the runner goes full tilt to win before this imaginary threat materializes, the inevitable win could taste that much sweeter!

11 Jun 2016 ZiNOS

You should add Harvester, really you should, you will make more faces smile.

11 Jun 2016 moistloaf

Holy shit I'm dying

11 Jun 2016 frenziedferret

Wouldn't it be better to replace the Chronos Projects with Clone Retirement? Dosen't it fill your heart with glee when you can give them extra money to run you with each turn?

11 Jun 2016 Jcree8

The Netrunner web sites are no place for jokes, only serious tactics discussion, and game play help , rules clarification etc. where's the moderation. This is unconstructive. I'm reporting this for nuke immediately. This used to be a place for serious discussion and help.

11 Jun 2016 Jcree8


12 Jun 2016 DeathnTaxes

I really to want to try this deck

12 Jun 2016 tonybluehose

Perfect write up. This is the deck of self-esteem Netrunner camps and ribbons for all participants.

12 Jun 2016 LynxMegaCorp

That this deck managed Deck of the Week speaks volumes about the plummeting quality of this game's player base.

No, I'm not talking about being able to joke around, I mean that anyone would actually consider using Harmony Medtech.

Seriously. Get a life.

12 Jun 2016 alexb

Sounds like someone's got a case of the Mondays!

12 Jun 2016 LynxMegaCorp

Oh, right. Add /sarcasm at the end for those people.

12 Jun 2016 HatsuneMiku

It gives your opponent positive gaming experience, then what about your own?

13 Jun 2016 Katsushika

Wait, wait, wait. Where's your Political Dealings? I mean, sometimes they just don't know where to run!

13 Jun 2016 Urchin

lol played against this last night and wondered what was going on

13 Jun 2016 sidzej2

This may have problems with some deck archetypes. How do you deal with Gabriel The Good Citizen? netrunnerdb.com

14 Jun 2016 q**

@sidzej2 you have 3 agroplexes and 3 anonymous tips' to mill yourself in 5-6 turns

14 Jun 2016 Lttlefoot

But lack of power shutdown makes it vulnerable to my CT deck netrunnerdb.com

15 Jun 2016 dkavaichan

Deck of the week huh?

Seriously disappointed at the quality of content curation from the admins of this site.

15 Jun 2016 GrantZilla1979

needs a Power Shutdown and two Jackson Howard. Wait until you have a full hand of agendas to trigger it.

That way you can make sure that no matter where the Runner goes, he's going to have a Really Good Day.

16 Jun 2016 Barbrarian

Not calling this Harmony Friendtech is such a missed opportunity.

16 Jun 2016 GrantZilla1979

False Lead is way too harsh for this deck. Ancestral Imager, too - what if they're trying to make money with Au Revoir?

17 Jun 2016 Radiea

@dkavaichan Deck of the Week is entirely automated afaik

17 Jun 2016 codychilton13

Why is this here......XD this made me laugh at work and I got in trouble for being on my phone haha! @sotomatic