1st place SOCR5 - Spiky AgInf (8-0)

osclate 687

This deck went undefeated in the Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament through 5 rounds of Swiss and 3 rounds in the cut. It took down Steve, Silhouette, Los, Sunny, and 4 Kits.

Basic game plan is to mulligan for econ and aggressively rush early agendas with the threat of punitive. Obviously this is dependent on draw, but it is usually possible. Once the runner is established, you have to slow down and play more conservatively and either score through traditional scoring windows or through Obokata/Data Loop shenanigans (using AgInfusion ability to rake them through Kakugos and taxing ice as many times as possible).

Often Gene Splicer is the 7th point, though scoring 3 agendas is also possible. Restore is a great card for AgInfusion, allowing you to put back an ice that you used to boop or to make them come trash that Gene Splicer two turns in a row.

If you make it to the late game, it can get really grindy. I won a few games by just running the runner completely out of cards, like in the finals vs. Crithitd20 on Steve. You can watch that match here: https://youtu.be/hmEsUbGRQMg

This deck works so well because there's no film critic in cache refresh, so all of your agendas are a pain for the runner to steal, and the punitive threat is always online.

Thank you to Fighting Walloon for organizing these tournaments! SOCR6 will happen soon, keep an eye out on Stimhack if you're interested.

4 May 2018 neuropantser

Congrats on the win! Well deserved. This archetype is clearly pretty strong in Cache Refresh as is, but are there any cards coming out soon that you're looking forward to adding to it?

(To all people reading this decklist, I highly recommend watching it in action in that final round--the game was fantastic.)

4 May 2018 osclate

@neuropantser There were a lot of good Jinteki cards that came out during the tournament that didn't end up fitting! I tried Code Replicator, Bio Vault, Sadaka... But none of the new cards seemed worth the slot except Endless EULA. I added that for the finals but didn't get to play it. It was great in testing, though. I do think this archetype will be worse in the next SOCR, since 419 and Falsified Credentials will be big. Falsified Credentials made the final match a lot harder than it would have been!

8 May 2018 phette23

I love Aginfusion and this CR deck looks really sweet. Congrats on the win!