FAST Design

RvdH83 686

This is my attempt at a rush deck in NEXT Design. I feel this identity is meant to be played FAST (Find Agendas, Score Them). A 3 ice opening hand means a 6-click advantage. So we better use that advantage wisely... no time to waste.

The goal of this deck is simple: score agendas faster than the runner can find their breakers. And if they do find their breakers: make it taxing enough that they'll have a hard time getting enough credits to prevent you from scoring out your final agenda.

I feel 22 ice is definitely a must and wouldn't go any lower. You need your first hand to be good, so you have a tempo advantage. No fancy grail ice, no clickable bioroids, but primarily cheap ice that ends the run. NEXT Bronze, NEXT Silver and Mother Goddess are obvious additions. Mother Goddess works great early game on a remote, and later it just becomes another NEXT ice. Since this deck runs on a low number of credits, the Pop-up Windows are a must include. Those additional credits can mean a win-or-lose. Wraparound, Lotus Field, Guard and Architect are changeable depending on the meta.

The deck runs a relatively low number of assets and upgrades to ensure the runner cannot create havoc by randomly trashing stuff from HQ or R&D. You don't want them to win by accident because they saw so many different cards. So no Adonis Campaign or Melange Mining Corp.. A low number of assets also means one remote is enough.

Instead of assets I focused on burst economy and agendas that provide moneys. Corporate Sales Team is a must include agenda and one of the primary cards this deck is based on. It feels so great when you score it your second turn! The Advanced Concept Hopper also brings in a few credits or cards, but you can switch it for a Project Vitruvius if that would make you happy. Lateral Growth and Blue Level Clearance are superb. They provide you the speed that you need. Restructure would be too expensive. You rarely have that much money.

Cyberdex Virus Suite is awesome if you want to Biotic out your last agenda. Executive Boot Camp may not be a frequently played card, but it works well against Dyper and Val, or any other deck that doesn't want you to rez your ice. Its ability to allow you to increase the strength of NEXT ice by rezzing ice on different servers can be a late game winner. And it can get you a Jackson if you really need one. Ark Lockdown works well against Account Siphon, The Maker's Eye, Blackmail, Clot or any breaker that is in the runners heap, giving you just the tempo you need to score out and win.

So far the deck has performed quite well, if you get a decent amount of ice at the start. And it's just fun to rush out agendas while seeing the desperate look on the runner's face trying to draw up to get their breaker suite ready.

Comments are appreciated!

7 Mar 2017 SillySod

Looks good.... have you tried grail ICE with Swordsman and Lab Dog? The grail ICE is a tremendous influence drain but it is almost certainly the best early game ICE because it punishes facechecks and usually contains an ETR subroutine.

I switched Blue into Green Level Clearance in my NEXT decks because it makes it easier find and score 4/2 agendas in the opening couple of turns when you are strongest. Compare blue clearance with playing a green then drawing a card... you miss out on a credit but you gain a whole bunch of flexibility which is usually more important.

Also... if you have the influence spare try switching Jackson for Anonymous Tip (or more clearance if not) a la supermodernism. Ideally you don't want to reach a point where you need jackson to shuffle and the anonymous tip is a much better and giving you a ton of cards quickly. Maybe jackson is too good to pass but you should try and see how it feels.

8 Mar 2017 RvdH83

Thanks for your suggestions.

I have played grail ICE in builds that were not my own, but found it too expensive (and thus too slow) for what I was trying to do with this deck, so instead I went with Vanilla and Quandary instead. If you want to run grail ICE I feel you either need more credits or more time. Then you may as well start running Adonis Campaign or Melange Mining Corp..

I'm still not sure whether Green or Blue Level Clearance is better in this deck. I would rather have both :P but I feel I don't have the space. Removing Jackson Howard could be an option to get some space, but including it allows you to hit Accelerated Beta Test if you install-advance it the turn before.

I'll try a more supermodernism approach with both GLC and BLC without Jackson. I feel the credit advantage using those cards instead of Anonymous Tip is needed if you want to be able to rush out agendas and be able to score them, while also being able to rez your ice.

I also considered Advanced Assembly Lines, but there's only so much space in the deck.