Cool Girls still frog around (1st at Bern CO)

lostgeek 3618


This is a merger between my Frog off, Keeling! and @testrunning's Cool Girls play with Pantographs decks that we brought to EMEA Continentals.

It combines the idea that Earthrise Hotel is a good card together with the idea that Urban Art Vernissage also is a good card and provides the explosive starts that my deck lacked with the Conduit deep digs of testrunning's deck.

Some fun includes are Prognostic Q-Loop for some prime Shaper bs and Hush as honorary breakers number 7 and 8.

Thanks to all my opponents at the CO for some fun games and good times that were had and @ataraxis for organising the tournament!

11 Sep 2023 Diogene

Considering the number of trojans, could Umbrella be consideration? It pairs especially well with Hush. Cheers!

14 Sep 2023 lostgeek

It is a consideration, but using Euler on your Conduit deep dig is also very good. I could see it maybe go in in addition to Euler actually.