Cool Girls play with Pantographs (17th at EMEA 23, 6-1)

Testrunning 1212


Figure 1: Frog goes Nyoom. Figure 1: Frog goes Nyoom.


This is my runner that I brought to EMEA conts this year and it performed extremely well, dropping only 1 game the whole day. Wins were against Ob, non-asset R+, KeelingAg, FA Teia, Asa and PD. The one loss was against another OB where I missed the atlas that they needed to win in HQ on several runs, 2 of which there were only 2 cards in HQ.

Gameplan and Console

This deck is optimized to run as early as possible and never stop. Depending on your opening hand you can contest a remote on T1 or at least force a rez with Bravado while still getting Arissana value. This is also why I played Pantograph as my console. The 4c for LilyPAD was just too much of a tempo loss and the draw from it too slow. Similarly I valued the pressure from Bravado more than the Hermes effect. If the remote isn't safe to score in early and they can't FA because of Clot, Hermes looses much of its value.

The second mode of this deck is Conduit digs. With Pichacao, Hush and Kyuban it can cost almost no clicks or credits to run RnD (especially if you dont care about things like tags or corp gaining cards or credits). If you find agendas during the dig, you can also extend it with pantograph reinstalling the bounced Pichacao.

Breaker Suite

  • Hush: Two Hush is correct, and it is incredible. Yes, it is a breaker.
  • Killer: I played 2 Killer as I feared rig shooter. Having both Ika and Living Mural was correct. Ika is important early especially as it does not need ice to be installed. Mural is better late game if there are stacked Sentries, also the cost being on install instead of an ability is strong, as the former can be payed by DZMZ and UAV and thus is most of the time cheaper.
  • Fracter: Gauss was very good. In the current Meta it is mostly Tatu, Ablative, Ice wall, Wraparound and Bordercontrol, all of which have Str 1 or less. Being only 2c to install and no inf are very good qualifications.
  • Decoder: I played Unity on the day, because I anticipated big Code Gates but it is the one card I was not happy with. 3c to install for Str 1 is just not good. Engolo is interesting but too much MU. I would change Unity to Euler or Buzzsaw if 1 inf can be freed up.

Other Card choices

  • Run Events: This deck shines by making at least one run each turn. With run events you get extra value so they are very important. Bahia Bands are very good. You always have something to install (extra value against Outfit with bad pub even) and Card draw is never bad. The other two modes give you more breathing room against R+ and Assets or trashing important upgrades (removing a Tranquility Grid for free can cripple an HB economy). As mentioned above Bravado is just incredible in Arissana. After seeing so much HB and some Keeling, I would also like to play Pinhole Threadings again.
  • Draw: Diesel and Nuka for maximum speed draw. Earthrise could be nice with UAV but you already have enough targets and you want your Earthrise early when your UAV probably does not have as many credits on it. Joy Ride could also be considered but I found it just less reliable than Diesel and you already have enough run events that are better.
  • Econ: Standard Env Testing, Daily Casts, Laundries and Creative Comissions. No Gambles because #slots and the other Econ cards are better. Only 2 UAV because #slots again and the deck plays enough draw to find it early enough and there are enough Trojans you don't want to bounce anyway.
  • Clot: Clot just shuts down R+ and Outfit.

How to play

Dunno, git good and do Shaper Bullfrogshit. Pressure the remote until you close out on RnD. Also (over) draw a lot. The Grip is the best place for most of your programs and you can install way more stuff in a turn without discarding than you would think between Arissana, Pantograph and Bands. Also some Programs are best in the heap anyways.

Conclusion and Future Changes

I am quite happy with the deck. I would definitely change the decoder and I could see cutting 1 Bravado to make room for Buzzsaw, 3rd Bahia Bands, Pinholes or a spicy Contaminate.

Changing Conduit to Deep Dive might relax the MU a bit, but can't lock RnD. Some kind of HQ-pressure would also be great, but inf is tight.

More run value cards could also be considered such as DreamNet, Leech or DJ Fenris.

I want more Simulchips, plsss.


Special Thanks to the NWE crew for testing and being awesome (even though we couldn't agree on what the best Arissana deck is). Check out @lostgeek (and @percomis) Arissana for a different take on the ID.


Don't think Arissana reads that much, tbh.

20 Aug 2023 JackMade

This is awesome! I am big sad, that you did not make it into the cut. Well deserved 17th place though in the best way possible.


20 Aug 2023 Havvy

A proper trojan Arissana, love it!

20 Aug 2023 not_yeti

Me playing against this deck: "This is fine, they have no points and I can score out next turn"...

Bahia Bands Archives -> Install Pichchao on R&D, Draw 2, Steal an oracle thinktank, hush my starlit night, bounce remote ice
Run r&d twice with conduit
Run the remote -> steal an agenda, bounce remote ice, install pichchao
Run r&d twice -> steal an agendal, reinstall pichachao
Run r&d -> finally use arissana trigger to install pichchao again
Run twice more -> win the game.

20 Aug 2023 jan tuno

"git" linking to github rather than is a crime (derogatory)

20 Aug 2023 Testrunning

@jan tunofixed, sorry

@not_yetiyeah that turn was great, I think I installed like 7 cards clicklessly that turn? SMC, Simulchip, Arissana, Bahia, 3x Panto

20 Aug 2023 Kikai

"If you find agendas during the dig, you can also extend it with pantograph reinstalling the bounced Pichacao. "


20 Aug 2023 JackMade

@not_yeti and @Testrunning: How do you bounce ICE with this deck exactly?

21 Aug 2023 Testrunning

@jackmade Not sure what yeti meant. I just bounced Pichacaos and reinstalled them with panto

21 Aug 2023 Testrunning

Here is the replay against not_yeti (round 4):

other replays:

Round 2 vs sebastianks KeelingAg: Round 5 vs sosias Ob (loss): Round 6 vs Fridans PD: Round 7 vs Minstrels Asa:

Round 1 and 3 are missing, I think I

21 Aug 2023 bowlsley

Hmmmm, I don't agree with their "Pantograph over LilyPAD" policy, but I do support their "as many Bravados into Arisanna as possible" policy.

2 Sep 2023 Watzlav

Cool deck. :) I played it in my Intercontinentals run with the following changes:

-2 Bahia Bands

-1 Unity

+1 Pinhole Threading

+1 Buzzsaw

+1 Creative Commission

5 Sep 2023 Crimsonmatt

If I want to build a NEO or NSG only version of this deck (I don't have pre-NSG cards) what would you suggest as a substitute for Ika? Would you run a second living mural, or maybe an Echelon?

2 Oct 2023 m.p

Echelon seems better for flexibility