This is an interesting bit of econ. 3 credits per turn is an incredible drip, but you have to click to pick them up, and doing so picks up the asset. Theoretically you could use the free install to reinstall it and keep the train going, but that would necessitate repaying the one rez cost, which would cut into your profits, especially the more often you do it. It feels fairly similar to Wall to Wall. It seem intended to install in your scoring server with an ability that won't cost you a click when you need to replace it (Okay technically it does but with the free HQ install, it's a click you'd be spending to install anyways), counteracting its low trash cost by being in an expensive server that will break the bank to enter. Does the runner want to keep both of you poor, or let you be rich? The problem, as with many assets and upgrades, is Pinhole Threading. With its trash cost of 1, a pinhole through an iceless server will only cost the runner two to knock this asset out, which is the same amount if you'd clicked it after the first turn, so at worst they break even. At best you've saved up a couple turns and they've ruined your payday. It's also very porous in RnD and HQ, though this isn't unique for econ assets. I think it has potential, but it isn't reliable. You might include this if you have a deck with downtime, where you're happy to save up creds and maybe force the runner through an expensive run that doesn't get them closer to winning the game, but you can't rely on it.

I agree. Really interesting to see this kind of economy card - a delayed burst that is extremely efficient but has to be well defended to actually work. A card that seems made for a very specific time within a game but will be incredible within that window.

This is perfect in NEH asset spam. Rez at start of turn, get your 3 credits, pick her up and install a card, ideally in a new remote and trigger your ID draw ability. You were going to click to install a card anyways, might as well get 3 free credits. The design is great for a shell game style of play too. I do wish she was 1 rez / 2 trash tho.

This is a fairly decent card I've been seeing in a variety of anarch decks, and even outside anarch a bit. Crew is ice trashing when strength hits 0, similar to Chisel. However, crucially, Crew fires during the encounter, while chisel only works at the start. This means that Crew works with Leech, allowing you to lower ice strength to zero with you Leech counters then trash it with this resource. This affords you a good deal of flexibility. Leech is a card that has uses outside of ice trashing, helping to enable the fixed strength or expensive to raise anarch breakers like Buzzsaw, Cleaver, and Mimic. Devil Charm was usually comboed with Chisel, but it wasn't used much outside of the combo. Of course, nothing says you can't run both together, but Crew being one less influence makes it more splashable, and I've seen it in some AI decks to deal with problem ICE.

The tag ability is also useful, but mainly to combo with itself. Crew can very easily trash cheap gear checks from 0-2 strength, letting you run early while maintaining a threat on servers. Late game though, Crew can still serve to remove problem ice, but it starts to need its combo pieces, rather than working on its own.

End of the Line is a rerelease of Scorched Earth, with the condition changing slightly to removing the tag instead of them just needing a tag. Therefore, firing a double EotL is harder than landing a double Scorched Earth. You may want to combo it with other tag damage, like Hypoxia, or damage you can fire at any time, like Angelique Garza Correa. Really just anything you have to drop them to 3 cards without spending the tag. To get the tag, you may want traps like Behold! or Snare!, or aggressive sentry ice like Seraph, or even Pharos If they lack a fracter or are poor. Operations like Public Trail or Oppo Research can get them tags, though both rely on you having an econ advantage, with public trail giving the runner the option to pay 8 to avoid it and Oppo Research needing them to be unable to clear 2 or 4 tags in a single turn to get back to you being able to kill them. So End of the Line requires support, and for you to be either in a winning board state, or a particular losing one.

However, on a personal note, I feel End of the Line is one of the best ways to end a game. Flatlines feel more personal than scoring out to me. I was going to renovate Oaktown whether or not a cyberterrorist decided to cross me, but I, CEO Braganza, took time out of my busy day to coordinate my kill teams to find and eliminate the criminal. End of the Line ends the game with a flourish. You say End of the Line, letting them know their story has come to its conclusion, then pull the trigger. And it's always exhilarating to pull victory from the jaws of defeat, turning their risky run to steal an agenda for an advantage into their final mistake.

The other review does a great job of giving you the gist of Banner, just wanted to point out that currently in standard, there are only three barriers that start at above 5 strength, Hagen (and banner alone drops that to 5), Sandstone (will auto drop to 5 when you encounter it) and Bran 1.0 (actually a problem). So by default, there is only one barrier that you won't be able to melt at the fixed strength. There are some that can increase strength, like Pharos, Logjam and Ice Wall, but besides pharos most of these should not get too high in strength, and a Leech Can get you through just fine. Do beware if this is your only fracter that ice like Hakarl 1.0 or Blockchain will still fire their non-ETR subroutines, which can be seriously punishing, so either bring a backup or accept that you are occasionally going to really eat it with banner.

This agenda exists pretty specifically for Earth Station: SEA Headquarters. When running Earth Station, you can force a 6 credit tax on your remote, but the runner can disable it by running HQ. You can do your best to ensure a crucial HQ run will be more than six credits, but runners have a lot of tricks for easy HQ accesses. S-Dobrado can let them skip two ice, while Inside Job (which works on all servers not just centrals) only does one. Backstitching can cut through your ice if HQ is the mark. Sneakdoor Beta can just absolutely devastate your taxing HQ, and while they might not be able to use their events when sneakdooring, they are very capable of flipping your identity. Transport Monopoly gives you the ability to force them to need to hit HQ twice on two different turns to flip your ID, or just eat the six cred cost when normally they wouldn't. Crisium Grid serves a similar purpose, but this being an agenda has drawbacks and benefits. It can be stolen while Crisium has to be trashed at a decent cost, but being an agenda, it can't be trashed at all. Once you score it, it exists, and you don't have to use it on non-crucial turns. Putting down a Crisium might save you once, but if the runner skips that turn to run and trashes it next turn, it's gone. If they don't run with Transport Monopoly up, you just keep the charge.

Outside of Earth Station, its use is more limited. You may be able to prevent game-winning Legwork or stop a Burner from bottom decking all your economy, but you can't guarantee it'll happen every game. Not useless, but far more of a kind of meta call.