Null Surveillance Gamble

Diogene 4088

Null ability has value! That value is between 2 and 4. That is pretty good.

This is a silver bullet type of deck. It aims to go fast and win before running out of steam.

Game plan : Use Counter Surveillance to see 10+ cards and win.

Mulligan : Anything that gives you creds or Obelus.

What is the advantage of Null: Whistleblower? The ability interact well with Steelskin Scarring and bin breakers. Because the ability lower the strenght of an ice, it saves us 3 on MKUltra and Black Orchestra, 2 with Paperclip and 4 with God of War. Which means we have 12 cards that directly interact with our identity ability.

Of note, Null is even better with Cleaver, Buzzsaw and Mimic. If you plan to do a "reg anarch" deck, those breakers are amazing with this identity, getting a value of 4 or 6! Chisel also work very well with Null ability.

Here are some cards choices and interactions :

  1. Tapwrm instead of Running Hot, because God of War is excellent at giving us tags and because it slows the corp by forcing it to purge.
  2. Running Hot interact with Rogue Trading to allow us to empty it faster, before the corp trashes it.
  3. Gachapon to insure we get God of War early. You could replace it by Wildcat Strike just as easily.
  4. Slipstream to have a chance on running R&D if the corp put 4+ ices on R&D.
  5. Bin breakers, because the setup is faster, especially with Moshing.
  6. Jailbreak, once Obelus is installed, draw us 3 cards.
  7. Labor Rights because we mill the deck at high speed and this get us needed cards back.

Here is the problem with NOT using Zahya for Counter Surveillance, the cost of using Counter Surveillance becomes prohibitive. On top of breaking ices, you'll have to pay 10+ to use Counter Surveillance, making the run super expensive. When starting the Counter Surveillance run, be sure to have more than 20.

In the Montreal meta, on slack, we had more than 200 back and forth interactions over this deck. This was a fun project. I'm sure that other players could come up with different solutions on how to make Null: Whistleblower viable. Deck building challenge are fun!

Tell me what you think of it. Cheers!