Rig Shooter Ob [Startup]

coldlava 204

This is a more difficult to pilot list but allows a lot of lines for you as the Corp to disrupt the runner. You have two options to trash the runner's rig, ZATO City Grid with Ansel 1.0 is the more brute force method, using ZATO to trash any card, this is particularly useful as it can hit enemy #1: the Endurance. Thankfully since you're Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel. when you trash the Ansel you can find either a Envelopment or a Ballista depending on which the runner is least likely to be able to deal with after. The more "fancy" rig trashing is using the on rez effect of Stavka to trash a 3-Cost card such as Enigma, Magnet, or even a ZATO City Grid to fetch a Hafrún and use it to prevent their Killer or the Endurance from breaking the Stavka. They now have to take the two subs on the chin and you're one step closer to a lock out.

Both of those plays can be especially good on the remote when you put a Oaktown Renovation in it, I mean c'mon, how can the runner resist running that trap?

All of those plays are expensive but if you can have a Yakov Erikovich Avdakov rezed in the server you're trashing from hopefully you can make some of your money back. Putting the Regolith Mining License in the Yakov server is great as well to get 2 more credits out of its last click.

Some other decent plays to consider are with the Extract. Extracting an Ice Wall into a Spin Doctor to make 6c and 2 cards and have the spin doctor to re-load some of your trashed tricks into the deck is great. The Hafrun is pretty easy for the runner to get through after the rez so dont be afraid to extract it so it can be re-loaded with a spin doctor, you do have 3 stavkas to use it with after all. Extracting a Envelopment before the runner just lets it trash itself so you can grab it on your terms may be wise. And lastly if you really need credits extracting a 3-cost into a regolith and clicking it twice is a 12 credit turn which can often really help you bounce back after an expensive rez. It may even be 14 credits if you have a Yakov rezed as well.

Possible changes to this deck are to find more 4 and 1 cost cards as those are the weak points. If the runner lets an envelopment trash itself and you don't have a 4 cost to grab it feels bad, and you really don't want to grab the Stavkas with it so you're only good option is the one Anvil. Similarly you only have two 1 cost cards in the form of ice walls. They are nice as you can use them to click-tax the runner by using them with ZATO to end the run but a few more 1 cost options would be nice. The main two I would look at to add are Hortum and Tithe.

I hope you enjoy and good luck taking down those rigs.

25 Jan 2023 pouchsurfer

It was just a matter of time before a rigshooter Ob list with ZATO would emerge. Nice one! I like the Ansel 1.0 include, pretty mean.

Having 3x Ice Wall is nice, as it's the cheapest option to end the run with ZATO in case rigshooter plans fail, or you aren't set up yet. And I like your Hortum idea, but picking up a Stavka with Ob to slap on the ZATO remote also works imo. You're threatening to chuck it at them, which could buy you time to score out. Not sure you need Subliminal Messaging, that might be a card to cut if you need more slots.

25 Jan 2023 coldlava

Yea it could be. Another card I thought was in Ashes and rotated but is actually in SG is Malapert Data Vault. It's been great in standard Ob lists and I think could be a good include here. I think my idea with Subliminal is to force them to run an make mistakes. If they run I can rig shoot, if not I make a credit. But I could see it getting cut.

25 Jan 2023 Oddball

Subliminal Messaging is also a great counter to Sabotage (especially if Esâ Afontov: Eco-Insurrectionist is not aggressively running). I've liked it in my Ob decks a lot.

25 Jan 2023 Oddball

Also @coldlava I have a really similar list (also using Oaktown Renovation)!

You might be able to get some influence back by adding one copy of Wave instead of the second Ansel 1.0? By doing that I could squeeze in a couple Marilyn Campaign and go with more copies of Anvil to fill that four cost slot. YMMV, but it might help.

26 Jan 2023 coldlava

Yea that's fair. I'm not sure how I'd feel about having to Wave the Ansel. I do like that it's not only easier to find at 2 (essentially the same with a wave tutor) but that you can find both and use both without having to reload with a spin doctor. Marilyns could be nice but I haven't felt especially poor, probably a decent slot though if you do free up the inf.