Welcome to Ma-e-mi (20th at Worlds 2023)

Cpt_nice 1924

This one is for you, Andrej

I was so convinced Mystic's name was pronounced 'May-mee' that I went into the Uprising pronunciation guide to check, and I ended up being wrong! Sorry about that.

This is the pretty regular/no frills crim deck I brought to Worlds. I wanted something that was easy to pilot, knowing the event would be an Endurance testing 9 rounds, as well as having game against horizontal decks. It did pretty ok, winning 5 games and losing 3. Notably I never faced any of the more asset spammy match ups, where the Hannah, 2 Miss Bones and the Bankrolls would have pulled their weight. Two of the losses were against Outfits, where I struggled to get good accesses.

Thanks to all my opponents, especially sebastiank for one of the most exciting games of netrunner I have ever played.

Thanks to everyone in QTM (as well as our nr 1 groupie/dad) for the company and being truly exceptional human beings and netrunner players.

Thanks to the streaming team for taking a less experienced commentator under their wings.

And an extra special thanks to PSK, Ed, and every volunteer and NSG member who made this event happen. See you next year!