Silent Disco v4.7 (2nd Nottingham SC)

hemraa 164

This is the latest iteration on Stealth Jesminder. This deck aims to be able to apply pressure on the remote as well as HQ and R&D, wherever the corp is defending least.

Noteworthy Cards:

The Gauntlet: Provides HQ pressure, and if they don't defend then an uncontested Hot Pursuit makes a lot of money.

Deus Ex: Emergency net damage protection, but also useful in the Mti matchup against Chiyashi, Anansi and other big AP ice.

Pelangi: Anti rush tech, lets you get in without all breaker types. It also works really well with Cold Read to bust through a server and not have to trash an important program.

Gebrselassie: makes stealth even more efficent than it already was, and combos with Pelangi.

Went 4-1 on the day: wins against Argus, Mti, NEH and Azmari. Loss against Argus.

8 May 2019 Cliquil

Such a great list. Congrats again on your well deserved placing.