Adaperclip - 1st Adelaide Regionals

PowerBunz 485

In this tournament I learned several life lessons:

- 3x Falsified Credentials is too many.

- "Freedom Through Equality" is good counterplay to "Clones are not People".

- Taking 7 brain damage and going to the next game in the cut is always a good play.

- Breakers are bad compared to Logic Bomb.

I was originally tooling around with a Laamb Adam deck, aptly named Adaamb, because I don't know how to play decks that don't play themselves, and Crowdfunding is Too Hot For TV. This list seemed better because it had the baby in it. I don't think I installed either card on the day, but previous testing showed this version was slightly less unwieldy. I'd cut a Falsified for something fun or techy, maybe Feedback Filter or try to get a couple of Mining Accidents in there (hard @ Martin Monis). Clone Chip was mostly because Rush Weyland is popular around Adelaide, but I kind of forgot that Dumb Murder Jinteki runs through all our veins, so it's never been particularly valuable.

This deck wins because it gets accesses and sees where all the agendas are. It's also very resilient to Azmari and Scarcity, with many avenues for making efficient decisions and runs. Who would have thought that knowing where the agendas are would make running easier?

Round Roundup

Round 1 - Accidental bye! Caffeine is both good for my heart and soul.

Round 2 - Johnny on a scumbag Labyrinthine Servers AgInfusion. After failing to Falsified a 4x advanced Labyrinthine Servers that was Mushin'd out on turn 1, I flailed for a few turns before abruptly losing.

Round 3 - Cayden on a CTZ-inspired Punitive Saraswati that I built for him. Time for some maths: (Falsified Credentials + "Freedom Through Equality")*Obokata Protocol = Abruptly winning iff Bacterial Programming is already in the runners score area.

Round 4 - Jaiden on Value HB AoT. A surprisingly good game of Netrunner, wherein a lot of digging to get an Engolo out eventually won the way into the top cut, but not before he could get out 4 points and make me begin to panic a little. Very good Netrunner.

The Only Runner Game I played In the Top Cut - Johnny on his scumbag Labyrinthine Servers AgInfusion. The only 2 cards in this deck that could possibly have been relevant were Brain Cage, which increased my handsize by 3 after stealing an early Obokata, and "Freedom Through Equality", which didn't turn up before I gave myself 7 brain damage and moved on to play my much more favourable corp deck, which won the day.

10 Aug 2019 martinimon

I got a nice Adam art card from playing at regionals, might try this out. Or at least play Adam again.

10 Aug 2019 PowerBunz

@martinimon make sure you play with Always Be Running, otherwise you're a coward.

5 Sep 2019 tzeentchling

Maybe the 3rd Falsified could be swapped for a Bank Job, if you want to improve your AgInf matchup, or for a Lucky Charm if you find a lot of Border Control in your games.