Shishu 655

Tired of spiders? Having trouble getting into Mexico? Creepy birds following you around? Or are some fucking robots just fucking you up?

Then come to the DEMOLITION DERBY!! You can knock out ALL those dudes and we will PAY YOU FOR IT!!

Get those assassins off your back. Mess around with reporters. Hell, you can straight up murder some wall street scumbags with a GODDAMN HAMMER!!


You can also just use your smashy computer and we will STILL pay you!!

Some chick with a gun? Shoot her back and gain a buck!
More fucking robots? Disassemble them and gain a buck!
Mad Scientist doing dumb shit? Break his flux capacitor and gain a buck!
Heat seeking missile aimed at your house? Knock it out of the sky and GAIN A BUCK!!

If you not satisfied with fucking up dudes on the ground, we will shoot you through a portal into space and you can fuck up whatever you see before you fall back down!! Did we also mention you can score hot babes and do drugs?

So come on down to the DEMOLITION DERBY!! You can smash shit up and we will PAY YOU FOR IT!!!

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Sponsored by Human First

11 Apr 2019 mystermerry

lol, love the description <3

11 Apr 2019 Renegat

that write up... made my day! thanks

11 Apr 2019 Decksmith

this deck is a pain to play against. Everything you love dies.

11 Apr 2019 lunchmoney

Best write up I've seen in ages.

13 Apr 2019 Di4na

Human First are terrorists.

13 Apr 2019 groenkaaf

have you considered adding a baba yaga so you can use the stargate on any server?

13 Apr 2019 spags

Not my DotW.

15 Apr 2019 Dazzler

I Came here just because of the write up. Best Write up in NetrunnerDB history

15 Apr 2019 Dirjel

@Dazzler this one's pretty good, but you've obviously never read Creepy Sleepover.

Also.... since when is John Mass a "hot babe"?

15 Apr 2019 Shishu

@Dirjelread the flavor text

16 Apr 2019 Cpt_nice

@groenkaaf Baba Yaga doesn't work with Stargate. Icebreakers only.

At OP: great write-up

19 Apr 2019 serafi

I don't believe in anything. I'm just here for the violence. And for the buck.

7 Jun 2019 tonybluehose

I believe in Eddy Kim and his Anger.