Dirty Laundry - Ep 4 - Always Be Hungry

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CodeMarvelous 19650

In the fourth installment of dirty laundry I do a new take on Apex to experiment with.

Video can be found here: https://youtu.be/qQd-Sjt-A6o

I would love some feedback so we can try to make this invasive predator work. He is to me the most exciting of the three neutral runners.


25 Oct 2015 Pinkwarrior

@CodeMarvelous Well I've been playing quite a bit of Apex I find with Always Be Running you don't actually need any other breaker than your Endless Hunger, Prey also helps their.

I don't like Apocalypse I always find I don't want to play it cos I am set-up or I get left open to Scorched Earth with it wrecking your protection. I had been running Grifter as econ which is surprisingly useful and Safety First as draw with Brain Cage to increase hand size since thanks to your console you can actually get the full +3 hand size.

I hope you find this of some use am not saying its perfect just my experience with him.

25 Oct 2015 esutter479

If nothing else, Apocalypse is good fodder for Apex's ID ability. Not every card has to be used at all times in all decks. :) This does look to have a solid foundation, and while I personally wouldn't run more than 1 Plascrete Carapace in Apex, again, I could certainly sac it to his ability and then call it back later on with Levy AR Lab Access if need be.

25 Oct 2015 Chewie

From my testing your going to struggle with the lack of tutoring I had 3 EH 2 ABR for a bit and there's always flip the table game when you can't get in as the breakers are all at the bottom of the deck. Consistency is an issue too with the 1 and 2 of in your build. I've gone back to a "good stuff" with special order, makers, refractor with ghost runner and mimic to back up EH getting rid of abr for testing at the moment I'll let you know if anything comes of it he's a tough deck to build and I suspect he's too weak to play in a tournie.

25 Oct 2015 Pinkwarrior

@esutter479 Your right Apocalypse could be used for ability fodder but 3x for a card you may not use and probably don't want to play more than once in a game seems silly 2x at most imo 1 probably best. I do agree that 2xPlascrete Carapace is a little much I think 1 is enough you could even get away without it it's not as big a deal thanks to the console.

I also agree with @Chewie 3x E3's is a must for ABR & EH. I also think Ghost Runner is fine even when theirs no stealth in play as its a little econ and can always be food for EH or HB.

25 Oct 2015 Waltzard

Mimic gets you through architect, Endless Hunger and e3/ABR handles everything else. Makes sense.

Only one Levvy, with no way to get it back strikes me as reckless. I guess the hope is that Heartbeat/plascretes keeps it from getting discarded.

Weird to see so many events and no Same Old Thing. It feels like with Prey you'd be wanting SOT maxed out.

My main gripe, ultimately, is that this is a deck with no multi access, at all. Every time you run R&D, 1 card. Every time you run hand, 1 card. It feels like that's not a winner. Is there a way to fit a Medium or HQ interface in there?

25 Oct 2015 Dothanite

@Waltzard Same Old Thing isn't a virtual resource, so it can't be played with Apex.

25 Oct 2015 RubbishyUsername

It's frankly criminal that an Eater of Worlds can't handle as much as a cup of YucaBeans and some Hong Kong Trunk sniffed packets.

I think the Dyson Mem Chip is an interesting include, at least in that quantity. The only way you're gonna max out your mem with Heartbeat as well is if you want to play Mimic and David simultaneously. Is it just guarenteeing that you land that 1 extra mem if you can't find Heartbeat?

25 Oct 2015 CodeMarvelous

Thanks for the good feedback everyone. I can't wait to do a Test Run with it and see how it plays.

Safety first and brain cage is a good idea but I feel like I then lose the ability to run multiaccess run events.@Pinkwarrior

@Chewie Would you share your list. I would love to see it.

26 Oct 2015 firesa

Have been playing your older Apex list, which did not have the dirty laundries but ran caches, and I cut the dyson, one hunting ground, and one apocalypse from that list to make room for the three dirty laundries. Deck is a lot of fun but apocalypse almost always seems wrong to play, and three quality time feels like a must to find wastelands, your console, and EH faster. Plascrete almost always gets put face down pretty fast. E3 is invaluable. Not sure if David is needed, but I've considered datasuckers to help mimic deal with Ichis, even though that would then require something like dyson again. I do like ghost runner which you had in the other list. Using it for e3, or to trash stuff, or whatever else, and getting to trash it for some wasteland money, feels good. Don't know if I like the lack of multi access

26 Oct 2015 Dydra

pretty weak

26 Oct 2015 Pinkwarrior

@CodeMarvelous Yeah you wouldn't be able to run multi access really with Safety First but the list currently doesn't have any so I figured you were fine with that, No multi is bad but on the plus side its so cheap to get in you should be getting an access each turn.

@firesa Thats exactly the experience I had with Apex... Apocalypse always feels wrong & Plascrete Carapace never really gets played cos of your console. I feel you need to build around to get it to work the way I see it you have to use it is with I've Had Worse and an easily replaced rig maybe just using the essentials and some recursion.

26 Oct 2015 hi_impact

The Uninstall is an interesting idea I haven't seen before. I'm not sure if this has been tested yet but it looks far too poor. One Pop-up Window or even one Caprice Psi game would bankrupt this deck and leave it unable to play Apocalypse without massive tells.

I've found that when Apex sits on a nice pile of 6-10 credits, it's a lot more scary.

26 Oct 2015 Chewie

@CodeMarvelous Here's what I'm testing atm: netrunnerdb.com