Hivemaxx: Who Needs Breakers Edition (3-1 13th @ Ntscape SC)

anarchomushroom 346

This is the runner I played at the 70 person Ntscape Navigator SC. It went 3-1 on the day, beating Acme twice and Aginfusion, and losing to PD.

This is the original list from Pinsel, and I highly suggest you read that writeup to figure out how the deck works. I cut MKUltra and Black Orchestra to get two copies of Wildcat Strike, which felt fine in testing and on the day. It's possible to get locked by clever Magnet placement and not having a backup tool for Drafter is a worry but I think the risk is worth taking for the extra consistency you get from Wildcat. I also considered cutting a Knobkierie for Clot but opted against it as a I felt the Spombo matchup was good enough as is, and there were other ways to beat BtL.

Round 1 - W vs Acme Consulting: The Truth You Need

Maxx is designed to prey on ice heavy decks like this so this was a pretty comfortable win. Botulus helped with applying early pressure and Fermenter kept me out of potential Hard-Hitting News range. Agendas eventually began to pile up in HQ and a Chisel on their Endless EULA gave me the space to slam HQ for the win.

Round 2 - W vs AgInfusion: New Miracles for a New World

As before this deck is very very good at beating up glacier decks, specifically red glacier. I facechecked an early Anansi which was a bit rough but I had I've Had Worse in hand and a bunch of dud resources. Tranquilizer pulled serious weight here, helping to derez their big ice, as did Chisel again to get Macrophage down to breakable strength with Aumakua. Infinite Imp to deal with not being able to steal Obokata Protocol and it was eventually Conduit and Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist for the win.

Round 3 - W vs Acme

My second Acme of the day, very similar game to the first. Fermenter to stay out of HHN range, Botulus to deal with ice early on, Tranq to deal with the big stuff, and then Conduit to close out the game.

Round 4 - L vs Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design

This was a game I maybe could have won had I played significantly better but I was beginning to get tired and my corp game this round dragged on. After winning the corp game I knew I could ID into tiebreakers next round so had somewhat checked out. A little bit disappointed I didn't think through my plays a bit more and tried to get the win, but that loss isn't on the deck, just a very exhausted pilot.

I rolled corp for my tiebreaker round (which you can read about here) so didn't get to play Maxx for the rest of the day. This deck is a lot of fun to play and definitely worth getting the reps in. It feels very powerful and has game against the entire field.

Thank you to Akira for running the event, my opponents for some great games, analyzechris for taking time out of his week to watch my terrible misplays, and to IPT for testing in the run up to the event. I'm very pleased with a 13th place finish in such a competitive field and a lot of that is down to the great stuff happening in the Itinerant Pro-Testers group.