Department of Computer Science 1.0 (Post MWL)

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Confirmed:The Professor is unaffected by The most wanted list, period. Confirmed:The Professor is unaffected by The most wanted list, period. Confirmed:The Professor is unaffected by The most wanted list, period.

Today I am going to introduce a deck that I personally think it’s very influencial in Post MWL meta, The professor.

This deck went 3-1 in the new meta, beaten a Foodcoat, Blue Sun Off the Grid ,and a NBN glacier deck, lost to honeycomb SYNC.

I do think this deck needs more tweaks to make it more competitive. I will discuss this later in the article.


First of all, why The Professor?

Professor has exactly 4 cons that keep people from using it.

  1. You cannot use out-faction events,hardwares and resources.
  2. You doesn’t have any in-game ability.
  3. You have no good E-con engine to some reason that caused by reason 1.
  4. No matter how many good programs you have, you still need to have memory first.

But right now, professor actually has a very good reason for us to use.

FUCK MOST WANTED LIST, we are free from it.

For those who doesn’t know that, I repeat this again:

Confirmed:The Professor is unaffected by The most wanted list, period.

Confirmed:The Professor is unaffected by The most wanted list, period.

Confirmed:The Professor is unaffected by The most wanted list, period.

##EDIT:This is very important because even if I used bold text, I still got PMed that says: Hey your decklist is illegal, you couldn’t put Clone Chips into your deck. So I decided to say it 3 times in case somebody replied some thing that this is illegal to the post MWL again.

After the normal using of new influence rule in shaper, actually professor has a huge advantage of influence.

Let’s say Kate with 3 Clone Chips and 1 Parasite and 1 Clot and 1 Lady, which cost her 9 influences, that almost prohibits her from using other out-faction cards.

It’s super suitable to play tournaments in Professor right now, I will introduce this later.


The Deck

This decks plays very rich, super rich. We will go through the econ cards first.

Sure Gamble

No need to explain.

Dirty Laundry

This will be first cut in the later version of this deck.

It’s very good in every single deck, but not this one.

However, it still do several jobs in the late game (when you could penetrate every server.)

Daily Cast

Very self explaining, you are playing a mid-tempo game, and this card is exactly 3 for 9 when you have an Aesop in play.

Aesop’s Pawnshop

This is almost an auto include card in The professor.

Functions: You can make Daily Cast +1 credits.

You can make Harbinger make 6 credits.

You can make Cache make 3 more credits.

You can make ProCon trash himself after you emptied your deck.

You can trash late game Technical Writers make them an easy mark.

You can trash purged Medium.

You can trash used Imp and D4v1d.

You can trash Corroder right before you land your Morning Star.

You can trash Sahasrara when you are almost run out memory.

Soooooo good for this deck, never cut this. However, I might cut this down to 2, since you don’t need this early game, unlike noise.

Technical Writer

The most notable one is Technical Writers, not to mention it synergizes well with this deck(around 30 targets), it also provides good burst Econ in the late game. I always get 10+ credits off it.

Professional Contacts

Of course, your only draw engine is ProCon, always mulligan for this. You will need this.


This is the biggest part of a Professor deck. Let’s begin with the icebreakers.

Corroder,Mimic,Yog.0 and Datasuckers plus D4v1d and with support of Atman. These are so good, period.

Break 3 str or lower ICEs with The Three Musketeers.(We call Corroder, Mimic and Yog.0 as The Three Musketeers in our community.) Break 4 str ICE with Atman at 4. Break higher ICEs with D4v1d.

Use the help of Datasuckers to prevent you from used up D4v1d tokens.

Morning Star

This won me so many games in casual games and the tournament.

You can shut down almost every single barriers in this game.

I concluded the ICEs that cannot be passed by this.

Asteroid Belt: can be passed by using D4v1d or datasucker token, easy.

Curtain wall: This one is tricky, I used str 10 atman and force the corp to make it 6 str and use a datasucker token to pass it. Don’t use corroder to pass this, you will lose your tempo.

Hadrians wall: difficult to pass, but rarely see people play this.

Heimdall 1.0: use a datasucker token to pass.

Heimdall 2.0: very difficult to pass. may use double tokens from Datasucker, but sometimes you need to click through and get a brain when you are purged or something. Still suggest to keep your corroder when your opponent has this.

Orion: Very difficult to pass. I would suggest to keep your corroder to pass this.

Wotan: Hyper difficult to pass. I would suggest you to give up. But it’s super rare to see this.

Over advanced Ice wall or Fire wall: D4v1d.

The most obvious way to deal with these is to parasite.

when you have Morning Star, Yog.0, Mimic, Datasucker*2, Atman at 4, D4v1d out

You just win the game without any problem.


Very useful card to deal with asset spam.

but mostly, the way I deal with asset spam deck is to use medium lock out their R&D.


Very self explaining, which is the only multiaccess in the deck.

With the help of parasite and Fixed breakers (A.k.a. The Three Musketeers) you can easily do it 4 times when there is a timing. Also collecting so many datasucker tokens to lock out their remote entirely.




Very popular these times. You definitely need this to deal with some monsterous ICEs in the game.


Money. But worse than Harbinger.


Best program Econ ever. This is 0 to install, 0 MU, auto prevention to Power Shutdown.

Making at least 6 credits with an aesop. 9 credits if you have all 3 Technical Writers out. On average this makes 7 credits.

Self Modifying Code

No need to explain. And actually super powerful to make Technical Writers rolling.


Good econ in this deck, sell it whenever you want.


Akamatsu Mem Chip

I used to run 3 to synergize with Technical Writers. With Astrolabe it’s actually 4.

I took one out for the 2 mu 4 cost Cybersolutions because I usually short about 1 memory.

Clone Chip

Most wanted card, so we put 3 in, also it’s the core of this deck.

Never use it whenever you just want.

Use it when you NEED.

The most precious card in this deck.

Plascrete Carapace

Our meta is killing deck everywhere.

Take it out if it’s fine for your meta.


Weaknesses to be tweaked

  1. No solutions for Data Raven and Tags or Quantum Predictive Model

I lose 1 game for this. I am thinking about the solution of this. Maybe slot 1 Femme Fatale and 1 Film Critic

  1. May need 1 Levy AR Lab Access

I usually win the game with only 2 or 3 cards in my stack. Sometimes I need my programs for a second time but used up all clone chips.

  1. Weak pressure on HQ

I will never slot the Nerve Agent. May think about Sneakdoor Beta.

  1. No Net damage prevention

I don’t have the money for Feedback Filter, maybe slotting Levy can somehow help this. However, Net Sheild is not too janky since you can pawn it and trigger the Technical Writer. Depends on the meta.


Confirmed:The Professor is unaffected by The most wanted list, period. Confirmed:The Professor is unaffected by The most wanted list, period. Confirmed:The Professor is unaffected by The most wanted list, period.

10 Jan 2016 Dr.Skill

Actually this deck is illegal Post NAPD Most Wanted List.

From what i see, you idea is to spend the 1 Influence of The Professor on the second Datasucker.

You have 4 cards from the Most Wanted List in your deck: 3 Clone Chips and 1 Parasite. The Most Wanted List says:

"Each copy of a card from the list below reduces an Identity’s influence limit by 1 when included in a deck. An Identity’s printed influence limit cannot be reduced below 1."

The Professors ID is limited to affect programs, not Hardware. So the Clone Chips still reduce his influence limit. In this case to -2, which is illegal.

10 Jan 2016 say200426

@Dr.Skill I felt very pressured by your reply.......................... Who can help me from the urge of committing suicide.

10 Jan 2016 Zizzlebit

@Dr.Skill"An Identity’s printed influence limit cannot be reduced below 1." that is all

10 Jan 2016 lightburied

However, IDs can't be reduced below 1 influence. What does that mean for this deck? I think it means, barring a ruling saying otherwise, this is MWL legal. If I'm wrong, please let me know, because I'm not entirely sure.

10 Jan 2016 HepatitvsJ

@Dr.Skill go back and reread the bold text at the top explaining why this deck ISN'T illegal. :)

10 Jan 2016 say200426

The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge is unaffected by The List.

I beg you to read my article.........

10 Jan 2016 say200426

I put more and more and more and more reminders for those who don't know the fact that The professor is unaffected my the list, hope this would work, and I never see more people discuss about the Legality anymore.

10 Jan 2016 crushedguava

"An Identity’s printed influence limit cannot be reduced below 1." can be interpreted in 2 ways: 1) If your influence limit is already 1, then you cannot use anymore cards that reduce this influence further. 2) If your influence limit is already 1, then using anymore cards that reduce this influence further does not actually reduce this influence below 1.

In this case, option 2 is correct, confirmed by a tweet by designer Damon Stone (sorry I don't know where the original link is).

10 Jan 2016 gammanet

rigshooters may get more popular in post NAPD decks, so a Faerie may cover some good ground. but if you want a ccard to recur very specific cards, Trope may be the way to go(welcome back clonechips, sure gambles, and friends), alternatively over the dirty laundries, Armitage Codebusting could get you some real cash. (ive always done Magnum engine, so

10 Jan 2016 gammanet

(continued, somehow hit enter, cant seem to edit)test run and femme have some obvious synergy, but without that femme is much more difficult, ive alos had some good success with Alias in a professor deck. also Djinn can do alot of good for your MU and give you a tutor for some of the best cards in your deck. finally, definately do the sneakdoor, you can sell it off after you get in there, and it helps spread out the ice, or wins you the game. remeber, youre an anarch in green clothing, you gotta win more off random access than most XD

11 Jan 2016 Dr.Skill

Well I certainly did not intend to get anyone to commit suicide (I hope you didn't^^). I just stumbled upon this decklist, unknowing that there was already a big discussion going on about The Professor and the MWL. And the word "confirmed" doesn't really mean much in the internet, especially if the source of that confirmation is not stated.

I still think the wording on the MWL is poor and as crushedguava pointed out, there are two ways of understanding it. So the confirmation of Damon Stone was absolutely necessary, imo.

Here is the link to the confirmation, so that future suicides may be prevented:

I really didn't want to upset anyone here. I just casually stepped into that giant bear trap right in front of me ;)

11 Jan 2016 IonFox

@say200426 Yep SYNC is annoying to play against, but fub to play with. My advice is, if you're willing to burn a influence on counter tech, just play a dorm computer. 4 tag free runs, and you can sell it when it's empty.

11 Jan 2016 Saan

Blue Sun Off the Grid ,and a NBN glacier deck

I remain unconvinced =P While he's probably okay, I'm not sure these are the kind of decks he needs to be able to beat.

11 Jan 2016 moistloaf

I think you can sacrifice some of your MU hardware for some draw, at least play 3 Diesel. Click-drawing the entire game isn't ideal. The strength of the Professor is his ability to run a dynamic, fluid rig, so more than 5 or 6 MU shouldn't be necessary, especially when playing Aesop's. I do think Professor may now be viable against everything but the fastest yellow builds.

11 Jan 2016 Shmeguy

Personal Workshop and replace a sucker with stimhack could be nice.

11 Jan 2016 say200426

@gammanet I will go for Trope of course. This is the card that has been underplayed. As for Djinn and Faerie, I still think it's not worth the slot.(Djinnis too slow while Faerie requires too many recursions. Though Faerie could definitely win me games.) Alias could be a good idea, I would try this, but Mimic still has the priority. Sneakdoor Beta are already put in the slot :)

11 Jan 2016 say200426

@Dr.Skill I could understand you didn't mean to, but having tons of reminders and still got so many people discussing the Legality made me feel soooo frustrated. Hope you love the deck.

11 Jan 2016 say200426

@IonFox Datasucker plays such an important role in my deck. Yeah, Dorm Computer is tempting. However, this definitely needs to change my breaker suite. I have thought about Dorm Computer before, but I just gave up. May try another iteration to do the Dorm Computer.

11 Jan 2016 say200426

@Saan I can't pick my Tournament opponent.

@moistloaf I try to play with best rig. with those breakers down, you definitely need 6 MU or more. You don't need all landed and start running, but you need to do it by the situation and decide what to install. I do want Diesel but the card slot is too tight.

@shmeguy That's a different deck. Mine deck is new.

13 Jan 2016 Myriad

I gotta ask about a few selections.

Morningstar - Is it worth the slot?

Harbringer - Not worth it? This is a common choice right now in builds like this.

Leprechaun vs Memory - I won't advocate this as a slightly worse choice, but it does let you play with some cards that are hard to slot in. Mainly Opus, Morningstar, Hyperdriver and Sneakdoor.

Hyperdriver in general is pretty awesome if you can get around the MU problem.

Finally, no Multithreader? That has been a hot item in my games with the Professor.

Keep at it. I am honestly impressed by how little buzz the Prof has gotten. I guess people are still hung up on Kate, but I think the Professor is REALLY close to being really damn good.

29 Jan 2016 d4spien

Rebirth to Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain should fix your tag problems. The GS programs should also be able to address your memory concerns but the hardware needs a revamp too to make it work.

29 Jan 2016 d4spien

And Brahman seems like a good synergy with D4v1d and Technical Writer. They might be worth considering.

8 Apr 2016 The Broken Meeple

Would using NetChip be a good substitute for memory issues rather than the MEM chips you use currently? Or will deck space be too tight?