Foolish Runner! - The Great and Terrible IG

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@D1en created everything about this list except the cuts I made for Bio Ethics, the greatest IG card ever printed.

Cackle like a maniac while your opponents decide how they would like their inevitable death to unfold. Like Aku you are the Masta of Mastas, the Lord of Evil and the Enemy of Fun.

So the play here is pretty standard IG stuff. Overdraw, mushin out Ronins and cerebrals, or Snares :) and then wait.

Install the bio-ethics and then go nuts shaving health from the runner, if they hard trash rez hostile and win the next turn.

If they go into archives and then trash, rez hostile and win this turn or next.

If they leave them alone watch your opponent get more and more stressed as they lose 1-3 cards a turn while your build the rest of your kill rig.

It cannot be understated how much easier it is to get the ronin kill with bio-ethics. Also since they are an absolute must trash, your hostiles, museums and ronins are likely to stay on the table that one turn longer that you need to kill them.

Seriously, try the deck its absurd. 18-1 in testing so far.

Video Soon.

  • Codemarvelous
2 Apr 2016 sod_timber_wolf

Cool Deck, but I am surprised no Mother Goddess in there to troll the runner...?

2 Apr 2016 coyotemoon722

you know that kinda looks like you dan

2 Apr 2016 HuskerDu

How do you deal, in decks like these, with Siphon? Have no money?

2 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

Rez things

2 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

Also sealed vault

3 Apr 2016 DukeOfLizards

Oh man, the next week of play is going to be hellish. Time to slot in Apocalypse to every deck.

3 Apr 2016 KillMoreTime

@DukeOfLizards Even Apocalypse wont save you, If there is a Hostile on the board you die if you play it, also its hard to play apocalypse if it gets shocked out of your hand when you run archives.

3 Apr 2016 svendbuus









3 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

@coyotemoon722 Aku and I both have great eyebrows

3 Apr 2016 Kitescreech

This is my next deck. So nice to see MoH cropping up and make people play bigger, "sub optimal" decks.

3 Apr 2016 BizTheDad

Does Bio Ethics make this deck tournament legit given it could speed it up? Also, I worry that IG makes for a negative play experience given there's pretty much nothing you can do to combat it save bring a Keyhole deck. Then all that ends up happening is you sit and watch the Corp player shuffle all game from either the Keyhole or from the MoH. Thoughts?

3 Apr 2016 coyotemoon722

The deck dies to an early Keyhole. You can try hard to mitigate but with only 1 piece of ETR ice, if you don't get that, or Hostile early the game is pretty much over.

3 Apr 2016 W4lt3r B15h0p

@CodeMarvelous I'm confused about the purpose of Sealed Vault in this deck. Siphon protection?

3 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

@W4lt3r B15h0p exactly right

3 Apr 2016 locusshifter

So I guess the real question is: Is mill the only real way to slow this down at all? If this thing comes out it spells doom for the runner. Even if it's just a moderate start I have to think it's incredibly easy to get dead.

3 Apr 2016 ClubbingSealCub

This deck is pure absolute fucking cancer.

3 Apr 2016 triorph

probably worth attributing @zeromus as well as @d1en since he invented this archetype at worlds.

4 Apr 2016 d1en

I'm sorry.

4 Apr 2016 pooridge

Cery nice deck, can u explain against what type of deck you lose (18/1) ?

4 Apr 2016 rojazu

Nothing original here

5 Apr 2016 Pilltechre

Still can't justify putting Ramujan in my decks.

5 Apr 2016 fiveplus5is55

how this decks make money fast enough? But apart it looks annoying really.

The thing is, runners don't play much net damage protection because Jinteki was to weak in general to waste a deck slot or two for it. Meat damage protection is in every deck, so once that changes, it will make a huge impact to your deck. Feedback Filter, Net-Shield( absolutely playable in some shaper (hayley) decks) or the new Guru Davinder. There are more cards coming up, or being just released. What happens right now, is that they want to make net damage more of a thing, that's why all this printing of stronger Jinteki cards and the new ID.

Also about Museum and those other new recursion cards: Jackson will be history soon, so i guess they will print recursion cards for each fraction, all slightly weaker, but individually designed for each fractions play mechanic. So at the moment, including those cards and jackson is indeed pretty annoying.

5 Apr 2016 fiveplus5is55

Net shield alone effects 11 of your cards (Bio-ethics Association, Hostile Infrastructure, Neural EMP, Shock ) and others to a smaller degree. Runners only run Levy these days, which usually serves for other purposes and just to a small degree against the occasional Jinteki encounter. It is a good Deck Idea, but a much better Meta Call. In a way it is like running ETF Scorched...

9 Apr 2016 EnderA
9 Apr 2016 Aryn

@chill84 could you not?

9 Apr 2016 HuskerDu

Maximum character limit much ^^^

9 Apr 2016 RiverLethe

@chill84, you know there are many of us that are still fairly new and still enjoy this game, learning about it, discussing it and/or interacting with those in the community that are positive. While I enjoy reading your blog, this kind of stuff like these extra long posts is really disrespectful to the community.

9 Apr 2016 x3r0h0ur

Get fuckin Moby'ed

9 Apr 2016 grimsleeper

I agree with @Aryn and @RiverLethe. @chill84, this is juvenile.

9 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

Just ignore it and focus on the deck discussion

10 Apr 2016 Happy Puppy

My favorite part is the gif and 2 ice. Man this deck looks really fun, thanks for the upload.

10 Apr 2016 hypomodern


This entire concept is the apotheosis of anti-fun; it's as if captain ahab has indeed driven his prey from the seas.

I'll miss having fun playing the game!

10 Apr 2016 magikot

+1 for Samurai Jack gif.

10 Apr 2016 WoodyIsGod

@chill84 you write in your blog about how you're not playing netrunner competitively anymore like we should all care and cry that such an illustrious netrunnet player is leaving the meta and you still troll posts like this? If you're leaving because of the state of the meta please dont try and stay relevant by posting crap like that.

@CodeMarvelous great deck, ive already sleeved it and really enjoy playing it.

10 Apr 2016 CommissarFeesh

Is there a way to hide comments? Or just block users?

This deck looks like hell to play against. I think I might start slotting Ramujans XD

10 Apr 2016 haywire

Yesterday I was talking with my buddy about a No-Ice-Yintekideck and today this is Deck of the Week. He said it couldn't be done. Muahahaha!
I gonna have so much fun with this XD

10 Apr 2016 Kitescreech

@CodeMarvelous what's the rationale with Himitsu Baku and Architect? Where do they go?

10 Apr 2016 bubbathegoat

My experience playing against IG decks has been much less difficult when there is no (or almost no) ICE. I run Archives Interface, which can shut down IG pretty hard once it is running.

The last time I came across a 1-3 ICE IG, I was able to parasucker all (1x Mother Goddess and 1x Excalibur) of the ICE and remove it from the game, along with 2x Bio-Ethics Association, 1x Hostile Infrastructure, 2x Snare! and all 3 Shock!.

Sure, that is a lot of runs on archives, but can IG win without those cards? Playing as Noise, these games have become an exercise in setting up, checking remotes for Hostile and Bio-Ethics, and cleaning house on archives once AI is installed. If there is no ICE to slow me down, then running becomes much easier.

Also, Lamprey-lock has been great for keeping rez's in check, and clearing Snare! out of HQ. ICE to make that at least a little more taxing to make all of these repeated runs makes the match much more difficult. I prefer net-damage ICE for these IG decks since it's the main strategy for victory.

10 Apr 2016 Mechakoopa

How does this deck make money. I'm fairly new to the game, and I'm just not seeing how you're paying for the cards?

10 Apr 2016 Mechanoise

@Mechakoopa Turtlebacks and Diversified portfolio are all you need in asset heavy decks, you generate silly money sometimes.

10 Apr 2016 Ironcache

Obviously, this is a good deck. Museum IG asset-spam was winning games before they printed the politicals. Surprising approximately zero people, bio-ethics (and politicals in general) did not hurt the archetype.

One criticism; I don't like the ICE-less suite too much. As @bubbathegoat mentioned, it's only a matter of time before people remember that Archives Interface is a card that exists. Your Shi.Kyūs get put on display in an art museum, or sold to seedy data dealers, and, like Shock!, flail like a wet noodle to Archives Interface.

That said, Archives Interface is also not a great (or even good) card in non-recursion match ups, so this is probably going to be a meta call. In the current state of meta though, I think Archives Interface would be my 46th card over Plascrete Carapace in Anarch though; nobody is running scorched kill, while everyone is playing 70 asset Museum of History decks.

You don't need much to work around that though; Caprice Nisei and some highly-efficient and/or resilient ICE on archives, just to make it prohibitive.

Have you considered other political cards? In particular, I feel like Sensie Actors Union would be a massive increase to the tempo of this deck.

10 Apr 2016 seurimas

@chill84 ytf? Seriously.

10 Apr 2016 payprplayn

@chill84 The entire text of Moby Dick? If you're going to post something that long, at least write it yourself, instead of just being a troll.

Regarding the deck though. I built something similar myself. I included more economy (which I don't always need, but can help) as well as Clone Suffrage Movement for recurring mushins, EMPs, Heritage, and my single Predictive algorithm. Also put in a couple of Precognitions to bury agendas, help find pieces, and snare R&D.

10 Apr 2016 turkishvancat

This is the reason that I put two Archives Interface in my Whizzard deck. And then it won me a Regionals.

10 Apr 2016 piszczel

@seurimas @payprplayn I think the point is that Moby Dick is long and boring, just like games against IG decks

11 Apr 2016 Baitdoll

Is it just me or is this far more than 14 influence. I counted 20 and yet it's legal.

11 Apr 2016 Lttlefoot

@Baitdoll Museum of History costs 0 influence if the deck has at least 50 cards, which this deck has. The pips still appear but they aren't counted.

11 Apr 2016 seurimas

@piszczel I think something like "Moby Dick is long and boring, just like games against IG decks" would have done the job as well, without spamming everyone reading comments.

11 Apr 2016 pandaman64

Amazing! A deck with Museum! In IG! And with bio-ethics! Man, what an ingeniuos deck concept that I'm sure hasn't been run into the ground! HOWEVER DID YOU MANAGE TO COME UP WITH SUCH A UNIQUE BIT OF JANK HAHA BOY HOWDY NEVERRANINTOTHISEVERRRRR

I don't hate this deck. I hate that I'm literally running into nothing but this or some other asset spam/ museum variant on jinteki. Would be nice for the bandwagon to slow down a bit. Dumblefork and DLR didn't have fan clubs this big. I DREAD playing runner side on jinteki at this point, because I just know I'm gonna have to slog through museum deck number 1098b.

+1 for samurai jack reference tho. Not bad.

11 Apr 2016 bubbathegoat

In my experience, there are a lot of bad museum IG decks on jinteki recently. I agree with @pandaman64 that they seem to be even more ubiquitous than Ice-feast whizzard or any DLR.

I've had the pleasure of playing against some good museum IG's online as well as against the living. They are painful, difficult games to play, but they don't drag on forever; most finish in 20-30 minutes, the longest was 45, but that was after his runner flatlined to PE with 55+ left in the round.

Ok, but as far as this list goes: I think the Psychic Fields are wasted. There isn't enough pressure to make runners check unadvanced remotes that they will hit one. And even if they do, the runner can just draw up afterwards. I think Genetics Pavilion is a much better option, since it makes it very difficult to Levy without creating a flatline window (doubly true for Wyldcakes runners).

I also don't know how necessary the Cyberdex Virus Suites are. They may be a nice-to-have, but I don't see a lot of situations where this corp will need to purge at instant-speed. A little econ would probably be better, since econ denial is a weakness of this archetype.

Also, ICE is still good.

11 Apr 2016 cameronwlucas

Call me whatever you want but I literally laughed out loud while I was scrolling through @chill84's post!

12 Apr 2016 futureguy

OK. How do we beat this deck. It is not fun.

12 Apr 2016 EnderA

If your deck doesn't include several of those, you're in for trouble.

12 Apr 2016 Popeye09

@futureguy It's a deck that aims to build a board state where victory is almost inevitable (like DLR Val). There are two options: stop this happening or race to win before it happens. I would suggest that you pick one of those options and commit to it, dithering between the two is likely to be fatal. The assets will snowball, meaning that you can't dither about waiting to deal with them later. If you think your best shot is to keep up with the assets (money, cards, damage prevention, expose effects), do that. Accept that you're not going to be stealing anything until the asset monster is slain. If you think racing to win is your best shot (stealing agendas from centrals), do that instead. Accept that if you don't steal fast enough, you autolose. Make your choice and don't look back. Every Runner pretty much has an R&D, HQ, Archives and remote lock against this deck!

I think the worst thing you can do is to wobble between both approaches because you are scared of a lose condition, rather than concentrating on achieving a win condition.

12 Apr 2016 toiry

I am not surprised people do things like that- I am surprised FFG allows decks like that to happen. If I hear anything about Criminal Siphon spam as an "it happened before- it was painful to play against" thing I am going to laugh out loud. I know the game will change, factions' strength will fluctuate, but some archetypes are so obviously obnoxious and yet supported by new cards it is not even funny anymore. I am not sure if it is a right way to enable sub-optimal cards like Archives interface into more viable choice. And anyone who thinks that Desperado+ Bank Job+ SecTesting is a way to win against this slog is mistaken. Not surprisingly the only good cards dealing with that are orange (Keyhole+ Hacktivist+ Medium. Ice destruction is not even needed against that). Employee strike+Hades shard is my weapon of choice but that is a bit too much of a coincidence to win with them. Granted, most people piloting THIS kind of IG ragequit after stealing 6 points after Hades. Which doesn't improve my opinion of players choosing that kind of thing....

13 Apr 2016 Kitescreech

I lost to repeated runs on R&D and HQ. Nothing fancy. I had no ICE out. The runner never hit a snare or shock.

13 Apr 2016 lunchmoney

I've been playing IG since it came out. It has gotten stronger and stronger. All of my wins have been when this happens; @Popeye09 wrote - "I think the worst thing you can do is to wobble between both approaches because you are scared of a lose condition, rather than concentrating on achieving a win condition."

When a runner sees it coming and trashes assets as they arrive it will be much more even (and enjoyable for both of us) game.

13 Apr 2016 lunchmoney

Oh, and Imp spam has beaten me every time I played IG :)

13 Apr 2016 Mechanoise

@lunchmoney and @Popeye09 are on the ball. As someone who tool IG to the nearly all of the tournaments in 2015 it did its job for me when the Runner procrastinated, in particular Shaper, who can be quite nervous at losing key cards. Those who just ran, trashed at the right time, and assaulted R&D carefully but consistently are the ones who ended up winning against it. IG is like a snowball that gains mass and threat with traction, don't let it develop its board state, and you can get it under control. Employee Strike hurts too.

13 Apr 2016 CapAp

@chill84 Wow, what an obnoxious moron you are. I used to check your blog for ha-ha's because I thought you were a PARODY of whiny internet trolls. Now I know you're actually the thing I was under the impression you were making fun of. What a sad sack of shit.

13 Jul 2016 buzard

Get moby'ed?

18 May 2017 azaleth

Question. Im rather new but wouldn't Estelle Moon be a good card in this deck?