Animal Logic (3-0 Dunedin, NZ GNK)

Ghost Meat 792

The recent release of Logic Bomb really got me to thinking of importing the pirate package into Adam, as the inverse into Hayley or Geist is fairly untenable at a chilling five influence each. Given the synergy with Find the Truth, the pirate suite offers a lot of great ways to hit R&D, along with Adam's great early game HQ pressure with Neutralize All Threats.

Games at this tournament were against Architects of Tomorrow, Palana (timed win), and Skorpios. The toughest game was against a super grindy Palana with 3x Bio Vaults, Code Replicators, scored Niseis, and a ton of huge, toothy ICE (as well as Mirajus on R&D and HQ). Logic Bomb is great in that it gives you the option to bypass Mirajus on R&D if Find the Truth has revealed agendas, disallowing the corp from shuffling them away. Anansi is a pain here, as using Logic Bomb against it still fires 3 net damage for not breaking its subs, so having some Grappling Hooks and animals down on the table for a rainy day is good against Jinteki (not to mention for DNA Trackers and the odd Komainu too).

This particular meta is huge on currents, so 3x Interdictions was necessary to clear the likes of Scarcity, Death & Taxes, and Door to Door. I tried a number of iterations of this in the past month, one with two Levies, but found it overkill in most match-ups, and too much influence and dead drawing of them throughout the early and mid-game. I only Levied once on the day, and didn't deck out, so that was the right call here. Overmind and Aumakua are mostly for backup, but Aumakua can obviously do amazing work all on its own, which it did against an Aimor on HQ vs Skorpios.

The general game plan here is to get all your Tech Traders down as soon as possible, and try to get Find the Truth to fire every turn if you can, giving you optics on what you can steal from R&D without wasting hooks and animals on random accesses there. Hitting HQ is great for this, as it also gives you two accesses there, and RNG key can pay huge dividends as well if you find it early, particularly against Obokata decks if you call 5 and then get to draw two cards prior to accessing to help you steal it (which I forgot to do vs that Palana today, and it would have won me a non-timed win, as I hit it with five points scored and only three cards in hand). Career Fairs are great for helping you dip your cards in hand below your hand size to fire the Safety First draw, and in general, the appearance of no other card gives me the same amount of dopamine as it does, except maybe Sure Gamble. Against Titan, Skorpios, and other rush IDs, I use Always Be Running instead of Safety First, which gives you one more option of getting in, which is sometimes needed in these high-stakes matchups.

Once DJ Fenris comes out, I'll obviously slot one here, putting Geist or Hayley on it almost every time, getting a draw for every trash, or allowing you to increase your setup speed. I look very forward to that card.

This deck placed first overall with Titan as its wingman:

Thanks to the Dunedin crew for close, fun games today, and the Megazone game store for hosting us!