This is a bad deck please dont play it (5th@AMT)

AugustusCaesar 973

Yea, this deck does some real nasty stuff, including but not limited to:

-Instantly taking a Clearinghouse from HQ to 6adv in one turn if a remote has been cooking with a vlad grid.

-Dealing 5 core damage if that IAA'd card on a vlad grid is the overwriter (and then getting a cheeky Angelique expendable kill, which gets you into the exclusive club of people to have gotten an angelique kill)

-Fast Advancing a Tomorrow's Headline on a Vlad with a spare click to Self-Growth Program the runner.

-Draw 0 ice opening hands because we are playing only 12

-Leak an Offworld and two Bellonas off the very first 3 accesses of the game.

-Give Ari millions of Kyuban bucks because our ice is all so situational.

-Walk a hard to predict path between plans to score to 7 with FA offworlds and NA bellonas.

Is all of that good? Maybe... I mean, definitely not, probably better just forget about any nasty cerebral overwriter thoughts and just become nice and SANE.