Boat Sable [Startup]

coldlava 192

This is a pretty regular Sable list that tries to pressure the central servers. Your main way of winning is WAKE Implant v2A-JRJ, charge up counters on it especially if it is your mark for the turn and dump them on R&D, be sure to keep track of corp draw after a dig to know once they've drawn the last card you've already seen so you can go again. Once the Corp is tired of you getting WAKE counters off HQ and has ice'd it up, slap down your Sneakdoor Beta and there is a second server they have to protect. Info Bounty is one of your main econ tools. the down side of it (and most of your econ) is that you have to be running. If you get locked out of centrals while you're low on credits it can be tough to recover. For this reason be careful when you put down a Red Team, 6 credits is a big upfront cost and if you make yourself too poor to use it you've really slowed yourself down.

An early Tunnel Vision can keep you getting accesses but it is more expensive than your regular breakers so make sure to get down the Cezveto help offset the cost. Once you've found the rest of your breakers you can just over install it for more memory, the puppies have done their job and can take a break. Endurance is just good, and is essentially more run econ, if you use Tunnel Vision to build up endurance counters early you can use it to break the remote even if you haven't found the rest of your breakers yet.

Lastly if there is ice, don't feel like you need to run your mark every turn. Unless its worth the access even an Info Bounty and Carpe Diem can wait a turn until it is more favorable. But be sure to try and stack your triggers, if I have a Carpe Diem and a Dirty Laundry with Info bounty installed I'll usually stagger them between turns so I can get the most out of my runs.

Hopefully this is a decent criminal deck to help learn on and tweak as you need. Finding slots for Inside Job to make runs the corp wasn't expecting could help keep up the pressure and may some non-run econ like Fermenter or Liberated Account could help if you find the deck getting poor and locked out. Just remember, Always Be Running.