I Like Running (1st Place Boise AAG Store Championships)

Tomasaki 52

I like running and winning early and aggressively. This deck is built for that. There's nothing brilliant about it, but I'll go over some slightly-less-than-common choices.

Deuces Wild: An amazing value card that I will now slot as much as possible in just about every criminal deck I can. Dan saves you the wasted time of obnoxious, tempo-losing face-checks and lets you know what to Special Order to get your Account Siphon off. Best case scenario, you're scoping central or remote ICE and getting 7 creds off a combined sec test, temujin, and desperado run, and then following it up with 2 cards. It's a blast.

Vamadeva: This kills true CI's game plan. If they've slotted Turing you'll be a little sad until you also drop Gordian Blade, but that ability to skip Excalibur and Mother Goddess is powerful. This guy also helped me ruin a NEXT-suite glacial HB player's day by letting me skip needing to find Gordian to deal with Silver.

On the Lam: Ever heard of Snare? How about Dien's Railgun? or a Mushin'd Cerebral Overwriter? The versatility of this card is surprising. It originally found its way in my list as a hopeful way of dodging 24/7 Boom BS (especially Railgun), because Aaron Marron was not enough. And it's an amazing not-dead card in the Jinteki matchups as well. It helped me dodge a Fetal AI when I really couldn't afford the three damage from a PE player, and has kept me secure when running on Mushin'd Cerebrals. The only time it's close to a dead draw is an HB matchup, but even THEN, it's one click and 3 credits to dodge your own Siphon tags, if you just can't get Aaron some counters. A highly underrated answer for the aggressive criminal, in my opinion.

The rest of this list is basically classic run-econ criminal good-stuff. I used to run a single copy of Rumor Mill, however, to dodge Marcus Batty rig-shooters, and honestly? It might need to come back. The only runner game I dropped at store champs was when a Palana Grail player used Batty to fire Lancelot's trash prog routine since I chose not to break it (not knowing what was coming) and I lost both Femme and Gordian. I recklessly face-checked myself into a Cortex Lock immediately afterwards, but I was locked out anyway.

If I put it back, I think I might cut Paperclip in favor of Corroder and one Deuces Wild to make the room for Rumor Mill.

You can find my corp deck here: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/41302/disposable-rp-prison-1st-at-boise-aag-store-championships-