Monolith in Purpose vvv17.2

OneFabric 97

Even with the rotation, ban and core 2.0 introduction, I feel my deck is a strong contender for competitive play. With 40 influence, and strong shaper events, I believe it is time to start thinking about using the Professor competitively.

The Professor plays very differently from other IDs, and therefore I included a small guide for players new to the professor. Feel free to skip to the part where I talk about deck slot choices, game play strategies and finally, changes for the future.

Guide to the Professor

  1. Versatility is good, habit is bad: With so many one-offs, and so many ways to solve the same problem, The Professor is a hard ID to crack, However, if time is taken to learn the different ins and outs, I feel you will always have the best tools for the job.

  2. Winning is the goal, tools are optional: It is important to remember that the tools in the Professor's deck are to accentuate his play, not define it. It is not always necessary to have all the tools that are theoretically needed to win a game.

  3. You will always have programs: Try and see what you can do with the programs you get, to make up for those you don't get.

  4. There is no game plan: The professor comes to the table knowing he wants to win, but not anything more than that. How he wins depends on how the opponent wants to win, what tools he has access to and what the best economy / denial strategy would be. Get creative!

Deck Slots

1 influence
Stimhack would be my ideal choice, but it is The Turning Wheel because I have no central digger.


  1. Icebreakers: My ice breakers are balanced between cost to field, efficiency and tricks they offer. There are 3x of each breaker, type and 2x AIs. For example, among the fracters, Ankusa is my high cost fracter, and Berserker my fracter for simple barriers.

  2. Non-Icebreaker Programs: typical varied set.


Typical strong shaper events; Dirty Laundry instead of Sure Gamble because of the potential combo with programs and The Turning Wheel, in addition to an access.


  1. The LLDS Memory Diamond is really useful against late game kill, as well as surprise brain damage. The link, along with the link from Sports Hopper, can be useful too, especially with the fact that LLDS offers memory, and Sports Hopper, cards.

  2. Monolith: I know, I know. Trying to make the theme work, but I don't think it is within my capability. Will be replacing this slot with other consoles in the future.

Game Play

The ideal starting hand is a killer, Magnum Opus, Modded, Diesel and Self-modifying Code. In case you get a very bad hand, like 5 expensive ice breakers, see what you can use,/ draw, and what the best way to improve your board state with only 5 is. I assume it would be by continuing to draw and engaging in as much scouting / denial as possible.

This deck plays very aggressively. Scouting ahead of time, running open centrals and pressurizing the corp at its weakest points is important. Once you have a good idea of what's going with the corp, and the game plan, it is time to make your own game plan. Mean while, threaten remotes if you can get away with it.

If you are playing against a kill deck, timely use of Sports Hopper, increasing hand size and misdirection are useful.

Against glacier, take your time to build your rig. Magnum Opus is your friend.

Against FA / rush decks, assemble only what you need to not die / lose. Pressure the corp into being poor by rezzing ice, or gaining access to centrals.


Monolith is going to go for sure. Also, trim down the deck size to 45.

12 Oct 2017 Manadog

A couple of these seem like they're being used just for the sake of professor influence. Idk when you'd ever want a peacock over a gordian for example. Also, sahasrara seems like an auto include in something like this. Either way it's always cool to see the Professor getting played.

12 Oct 2017 OneFabric

@Manadog I tried to not do that, though you are right about Gordian Blade being better than Peacock. Anything else catch your eye in a similar fashion?

I didn't put in Sahasrara because of three reasons: I have enough , I have scarce , and I don't think it would be useful late game. I typically install only what I need, barring a killer, and I also don't end up using that many programs either.

Thanks for commenting.

12 Oct 2017 Krakow Sam

If you still want maximal prof influence then take Abagnale over Peacock. 1 credit per sub and a free NOPE on a DNA Tracker or Fairchild.

13 Oct 2017 esutter479

Escher is fun. PeekaySK would be proud! :)

13 Oct 2017 OneFabric

@Krakow Sam Good point there. I tried to avoid one-off effects, but it's worth a look into.

@esutter479 Yup!