Aendy (1st London Regionals)

Shmeguy 1589

7-1 at the 2017 London Regionals (33 players)

Just a very standard influence spread Andy, with the divisive addition of Aeneas Informant over Sec Test. I'll try explain some of the flexible choices I opted for:

Abagnale over Passport to me feels like the logical choice, it makes it easier to draw into a breaker to contest remotes without the need of special order, and doesn't lock you out of remotes when Gordian gets sneked. The secret value play is when you draw into Gordian vs a big Code Gates deck, you can use the trash ability to save you 3 credits on a DNA tracker or FC3 and then replace it with the Gordian.

3 Aeneas over 2 sec test and Mammon/Vamadeva, because the UK is completely devoid of CI at the moment due to Moonies being good, so an AI is not necessary. Aeneas and sec test are bad against the same decks which don't leave servers unprotected. However I have found Aeneas to be both less click intensive than sec test due to being able to get accesses poking remotes and centrals whilst profiting, and far more abusable due to being able to use it every click, with a maximum of 4 credits per click in the late game. Medium digs with Aeneas can also be ridiculously profitable meaning you can run rnd 4 clicks every turn. The trade off is that security testing works on archives (which is going to be iced asap by a good player), and has a slightly lower set up time.

Citadel Sanctuary in the anti sync slot, this can alternatively be a 3rd Aaron or a Plascrete, but Citadel has been really great as a tempo card and Boom protection in that matchup.

Masanori over Kati Jones simply because the Moons MU is much more prevalent than Agfusion. Masanori is vital here because you don't have time to click for draws.

Overall, I think Andy is a great call right now due to her versatility, and if CI is bothering you she makes a joke of that MU. Shout outs to @yeoda for the testing vs Moons, I went 3-1 against Moonies, the loss being due to a surprise ark lockdown on paperclip in a game in which I was way ahead in tempo and points. This matchup almost invariably closes out in the same manner, you control the board for as long as you can, assembling key pieces until your breaker suite is complete at which point you make it rain with Siphons and Legworks. Do not be tempted by the medium dig as this is too click intensive and Moons will beat you in a couple of turns with biotics and lakshmi if the board is not trashed.

25 Jun 2017 triorph

How do you feel about Skorpios with this? Just assuming it has been mostly hated out of the meta?

I would've thought the setup time for security testing is a big deal against Moons, however the John Masanori definitely helps. Glad to see it went well for you.

25 Jun 2017 ouroborosglyx

Skorpios doesn't need to be hated out of the meta, it's just not very good.

27 Jun 2017 cymrik

This deck is insane. I played it against my friend who only brews, no networking. I thought he was gonna flip the table when I mediumed 4 times with 2x aeneas informants.

28 Jun 2017 Shmeguy

Good question @triorph, I didn't think there would be much Skorp, i feel like if you do expect a good amount of Skorp you should consider another faction altogether, I'm not really a fan of jamming in more shitty backup breakers.

28 Jun 2017 Tolaasin

forgive me, @shmeguy, but didn't you play CI - this deck is clearly just a ruse to make everyone remove anti-CI tech.

28 Jun 2017 Shmeguy

@Tolaasinlol I suppose 'completely devoid of CI' is not accurate, yes I was the only CI. I do hate it when people drop vama or mammon on me but to be honest triple strike Andy is a great deck to take down CI regardless, so I am not doing myself any favours.

29 Jun 2017 nungunz

In a meta with less asset spam (low number of moons) and more heavy on the Agin, PU, and SYNC do you have any suggested changes?

30 Jun 2017 Shmeguy

hi @nungunzdrop Masanori for Kati Jones, and maybe 1 strike for 1 Film Critic now that Obokata Protocol is out

1 Jul 2017 rojazu

excellent build. congrats on your win

3 Jul 2017 ff0X

Nice going @Shmeguy :)