Yellowcoats (Startup) [2nd @ Total Escape GNK]

lukifer 996

Pure glacier NBN, leveraging credit differentials with NAPD Cordon, Skunkworks, and taxing ICE.

Rime is a mixed bag; it's here as Pop-ups #4-6, but the strength boost often does nothing. Ballista is swingy: brutal when it hits, but not very taxing. Future builds will probably replace those and La Costa with HB ICE splashes (Eli, Ansel, Bran, Drafter). Also want to find room for a 2nd Reversed Accounts, it does lots of work, whether for value or baiting runs.

(Note the sneaky combo with Remastered and NAPD Cordon: you can occasionally pop the advancement mid-run to add 2 and block the steal!)

12 Nov 2021 Oddball

Thanks for sharing your decklist! NAPD Cordon does major work to help protect your agendas and tax the runner. I love that it works to protect the advanced agenda in the remote and any others that might be in a central server (even Archives)!

I also took your advice and added the second Reversed Accounts and was not disappointed. Even if the runner gets into your advanced copy, they likely spent enough credits to open up a scoring window.