Comboing to space

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My first try at building a deck.

I had hoped for the combopotential of an overscored Project Atlas with Red Planet Couriers. that's why there are so many one-offs. only problem is, that RPC doesn't work with CWP, as I can't build a scoring remote strong enough to let it out in the open for one turn.

First version died of eco, now it feels lacking in the ice department (,and sometimes eco. those ice are expensive). I'd love some more compact operationbased eco, but don't know what to spend the incluence on. the HB clearances all draw too many cards for my taste.

I also don't have the feeling the deck is doing enough with the id.

Notes after playing:

Oops, Preemptive action is terminal. That diminishes the combopotential so much. I was dreaming of Atlas counter Punitive and Preemptive, that play Punitive two times. Archived memories it is then.

Not enough eco for what ICE is left. Also not enough ICE. It was way to often Stargated or Hippoed away letting me with nothing left to prevent the R&D lock.

19 Dec 2019 pj20

Biotic Labor is usually a good splash if you're trying to do RPC things, that way you can score anything from hand with enough counters

20 Dec 2019 5N00P1

You are running an ICE light deck for a deck that wants to drag your opponent through HQ or the Remote. 13 seems a bit weak. On the other side you play a lot of Operations that is true. My feeling is you want to do to many things at once. Cayambe Grid & Wall to Wall should be ok and will protect you enough, do you really need, 1x Punitiv? Mass Commercialization, Dedication Ceremony as well as 2x Audacity? But only 1x Rashida & 1x NGO Front? More econ would help!

20 Dec 2019 114141

@pj20 With biotics this deck could actually turn fun to play^^ the audacities never really work for me that well while playing.

@5N00P1 I believe the ID is the problem with what I wan't to do. While playing I don't use the flipability often enough, while not playing the much needed asseteco. Also Slot Machine would be great in here.

As I like Cayambe Grid the next iteration will probably be a SSO Industries: Fueling Innovation deck. Half of it is already there.