Discipline and punish – B-COM 6th place

ReinaMorada 144

Here's the “funny” ASA that brought me in Top 8 at the Thrid edition of B-COM in Barcelona (45 participants).

The main strategy is basically to make a lot of money, tag people and kill them! But how to do that? The answer is simple: using a crazy interaction between NASX (wich isn't just a sort of PAD campaign ;) and Fully operational. Then, a False lead (or two, if a misdirection is in the air) will do the rest.

But if you don't get to be richer than the runner, don't worry and fast advance! Biotic Labor, Jeeves and MCA Austerity Policy work great and the strong recursion makes it easy to overuse them.

I was quite worried about Apoc decks, but I always managed to kill the runner (@Jesse V's MaxX 2 times and @Longi's Val once). So I think that this is a preatty solid and funny deck, but please, if anyone has any idea on how to beat 419, please enlight me!

The most important thing: many many thanx to @ChaosIsMe, wich is the brilliant and disturbed mind who created the deck.

11 Mar 2020 ayyyliens

ChaosIsMe decks are so wild! Any chance he will post his Blue Sun?

11 Mar 2020 ReinaMorada

Yes, they are :) He says he will share it later

11 Mar 2020 ChaosIsMe

Thanx @ayyyliens! Unfortunately I'm not so good at playing them :) Give me a couple of days and I'll share the Blue Sun list. I'm still believing in it!

11 Mar 2020 ayyyliens


14 Mar 2020 Porkobolo


14 Mar 2020 ReinaMorada

Thanx <3

14 Mar 2020 sengir80

Congratulations guys! Awesome decks as usual!

14 Mar 2020 em-crabtree

Load Testing, huh...