All in One - 5th at Europe and Africa Continentals

Mortivor 82

Hi there!

Do you like HB? Do you like fast advance? Do you like glacier? Do you like asset spam? Do you like some unfair magic? Do you like pure efficiency? Do you like NASX?

If two ore more answers are "God damn man! YES! I love it!" this deck is for you.

This deck has as many win strategies as you can imagine (except flatline of course). And it's fast, and furious, and it is rich. Do you like to be rich? "Money is power, son."

It is really hard to explain all the patterns of this deck, but you can experience its magic yourself. This is a miracle when you understand how you could make big chunk of money with two cards. Or return ice on central after Leela bounce.

Some money

Example of playing against great opponent you can see on the stream:

Great thanks to organizers, my opponents, viewers and especially my friend @emmel for all this playtesting and delicious food which he cooked with his wife. It was very cool to play some good netrunner after I finally come back home after 6 months in the sea without internet.