PsiGameNET (1-4 in Ashes to Ashes)

rural_octopus047 100

What happens when you put all the fun Psi tools into GameNET? You lose a lot of games in the Ashes to Ashes online tournament, that's what!

This deck was decently competitive on in the weeks leading up to the tournament, but managed to only score a single win against a Tao deck during the tourney. While the gist is to get rich while keeping the runner poor, that plan didn't pan out in the other 4 rounds of Swiss.

NAPD Cordon is a fun card that turns any agenda into Bellona lite & Hyoubu Precog Manifold is a fun way to stop the runner (and tax them, too) while waiting to score out. Unfortunately, runners are actually good at developing their boardstates and generating economy, so these little nuisances (if they come into your hand at the right time, that is) are of little concern.

This deck isn't the worst thing ever put together, but it also has a lot of room for improvement. It can be very fun when it's singing but unfortunately it clammed up on stage during the A2A tournament. It's probably for the best, though, since no one really likes GameNET anyway, right?