Gunsmoke - (2017 San Antonio Regional - Top 8)

Kopiok 378

This is a pretty straightforward Desperado Smoke deck. Originally a combo of my Mirror-based Smoke and the one that won Chicago Regionals. Mine ended up drifting closer to the Chicago one over time, but has some differences. Took it to a league night tourney two days before Regionals and made huge changes the day before the Regionals and tested briefly online the same day.

#5/23 after Swiss, #8/23 after the cut. 3-2 on the day.

Differences from Chicago

I originally had Switchblade (which I love), but you tend to get rich anyway so Dagger gets the job done with fewer Stealth Credits and frees influence. You also have Dai V in the event you see things like Komainu or Tour Guide or need a backup. More annoying to play, but it gets the job done. I used the extra influence for a Legwork initially, but switched to Aaron at (literally) the last minute after being concerned there would be more tagging decks in the field. I only played one tag-focused deck and didn't see Aaron early enough in any match up to take advantage of the draw. In hindsight I'd rather have had the Legwork and would definitely swap it back.

Chicago runs Deuces Wild, I'm assuming because they expected a tag/HHN heavy field. I used that inf for the Aaron/old Legwork and PolOp instead because I expected more HB (which I saw 3 times). Deuces is a definite meta call and I made the opposite call.

Expectation of HB and not Net Damage also made me get rid of the Levy/SoT because I already had the third Indexing and wanted those card slots back. Slotted Daily Casts to shore up the econ battle vs. HB because they can be jerks about that in the midgame.

Only one of each breaker (not 2) for card slot reasons and the Sac Con, Film Critics, backup Dai V, and smart play should be plenty to defend against Skorpios and other program trash shenanigans. This deck destroys the Hatchet Job Skorp floating around.

Film Critic is still a very important include and Interdiction is a phenomenal include.


Game 1 vs. ETF Foodcoats - W

Got an early econ lead, but was still riding the edge. They tried to rush a little and I was able to get a free Indexing off because they couldn't afford to rez R&D ice that turn and saw/stole 2 agendas for points. The next turn they put down a Crisium on R&D but failed to rez it. Interdiction -> Indexing -> Steal -> Steal for 4 more points and the game.

Game 2 vs. Moons IG49 - L

Game against a guy that plays in my store. Immediately knew I would lose just based on the match up. If you want a chance vs. this you probably need to slot a Net Shield at the least. Tried to keep his board state in check early on while trying to get an early Indexing and get a lucky win before the inevitable loss. Couldn't get set up well enough past the first several turns and very died.

Game 3 vs. 54 Restructured Datapool/Media Blitz Making News - W

Another game against a guy from my store. They rushed out an early Restructured Datapool behind a Tollbooth. I was able to snag 4 points out of HQ as they got kinda flooded early. Not long after Indexed and then Mad Dash'd for the win.

Game 4 vs. Moon ETF - W

They tried to rush me and scored and triggered an early ABT and put a Fairchild over HQ. I pulled an agenda from their trash the turn after. I was able to use Dagger to Indexing through a single Architect twice for another 4 points to sit at 6. They established a Jackson I wasn't comfortable going after, preventing me from hitting with my last Indexing. I had a PolOp I wanted to use to hit it, but I never found my Refractor so couldn't hit HQ. They used a Biotic to score out another agenda, and then a San San to score out a third to get on 6 points. I was able to get rid of the San San and was running low on credits. I was terrified they had the Biotic in hand for the win, so I made a hail-mary run on R&D. They Jackson'd back 3 non-agendas, I declined to cut, and top decked a Vitruvius for the win. I was lucky that they didn't find their first Moon until about 3 turns before the end of the game.

5th seed Cut vs. Midseasons Blue Sun - L

They got to pick the match up and it was bad for me. I ran through a Sapper on R&D early, expecting it to be a Code Gate/Barrier, losing my Refractor. I still accessed, though, and stole an Oaktown. Then I got Midseasons'd and Boom'd. I played like a tired idiot (which I was at the time) and tried to go way too fast. Bad match up for me anyway, and they drew well, but I still played this game terrrrrrible.

Anyways, that's the deck. Thanks for lookin'!

11 Jun 2017 Cpt_nice

I think Dai Vi is a clever counter to Tourgiide, but it seems situational. How do you deal with rushing behind a Mother Goddess, which is quite common? This deck is screaming for an Atman.

11 Jun 2017 Kopiok

@Cpt_nice: If they're rushing behind an un-typed Mother Goddess then they should have open servers which means you should be loaded with cash dollars. Dai V isn't cheap, but in that case you should easily be able to afford to use it.