RIP (Real Inconsistent Points) 12th place, Worlds

flimflam 60


This deck served me well on the day, despite:

  1. Agenda suite issues?

  2. Only 1x Biotic Labor

  3. The All-Seeing I never fired, give me the slot and influence back

  4. Helheim Servers did nothing and was never rezzed. Look at all these cards I'm ok to put in the bin! So that I can lethally pump up my......... wait what Ice cares about this in Boomerangland

  5. Singleton Drafter. Singleton Slot Machine. 2x FC3 instead of 3x. What are these numbers?

There's a good deck here that is a less effective hybrid version of Limes deck. Limes began with Klokotze's iceless build..... I had been playing Brainstorm/Helheim/Ganked! Asa and somehow thought to merge Skry's Real Fake Points, and two days before deck submission ended up here.
I had a great day.

Sandbox econ is huge in a combo deck where Game Changer funds are required, plus you get the money back if you need to CVS through Clot during the combo. Redino turned me on to value Fully Operational outside of a horizontal deck, where sure maybe it's a Beanstalk Royalties, but maybe it's a credit and two cards at the right time. An AAL gives you more ways to oddly get the tempo and credits you need to get there. With no kill package, I found that you didn't even need Meridian fake points or Domestic Sleepers. If they take your News Team tags (especially once they've seen your deck), then just get lucky and get 2x Game Changer and 1x Biotic all in hand along with 21 credits.

I got that lucky.


(Engram Flush is a hell of a card)

Asger dropped and saved us from Limes vs meetingadjourned "whose Sportsmetal reigns supreme?" tiebreaker match (we know the answer to this)