#AlwaysBeRunning Top Hat at Irish Nationals 2022

easterncalculus 728

Heavily based off is44ru's #AlwaysBeRunning Top Adam at Worlds 2022 (incredible deck, so please check it out first). Mine is almost identical.

My changes were adding in a spicy Direct Access (seems like some great tech vs Ob and others) and a single Hunting Grounds because I was scared of AgInfusion

Directives: Always Be Running, Neutralize All Threats, Find the Truth

...but who ordered him to wear that Hat?

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29 Oct 2022 Baa Ram Wu

Absolutely smashed me - had already lost by turn 1 (actually lost turn 4) wish I had bought ABR Adam myself!

Congrats on the 3-1 result with ABR Adam!

29 Oct 2022 anarchomushroom

Could not believe this went 3-1. Fantastic finish mate!

29 Oct 2022 Baa Ram Wu

@anarchomushroom- always be believing!

30 Oct 2022 Diogene


Questions :

  1. How did Direct Access perform?
  2. Which match up was difficult on the day of the event?

Thanks for sharing!

30 Oct 2022 easterncalculus

Thanks everyone!


  1. Direct Access was interesting... It played best vs Ob in some friendlies where it defused a critical Border Control pop. I didn’t play against AgInfusion on the day so that wasn’t super relevant, and it did nothing against PD or Asa. Vs Sports I was always playing my Mad Dashes instead, but I imagine it’s a nice denial. Having just the one copy meant that even when it would be useful, I couldn’t guarantee I’d have it. I think it’s too niche to justify more than 1 copy but recommended if you anticipate a lot of Ob. Definitely a better slot over Hunting Grounds which was useless.

  2. The toughest matchup on the day was definitely @anarchomushroom‘s R+ - a better player might’ve lasted longer, but I didn’t have a lot of ways to deal with tags and being Drago’d over and over again. However I was very worried about running into the sole NEH or AgInfusion decks that (due to the luck of the draw) I didn’t end up playing against. I had some really good matchups, which is the only reason it did so well!

30 Oct 2022 Dzerards

Not bad at all for your first tournament! Well done!