Red Widowmaker (3-1 and 18th in America Continentals)

ArminFirecracker 961

The game plan is to jam a La Costa Grid and a Clearinghouse in the remote and then fortify the server while the advancement tokens tick up. Same principle as in SirLoathings Widowmaker.

red spidert


AgInfusion with Anansi and DNA Tracker (to break for 9c for the bin breakers) is a pretty good tech for the dominant Anarch Apocs.

The match up versus 419 is also okay. It is important to get to 8 credits quickly and get a non-boomerangable ice on HQ. Alternatively an unrezzed ice can be used to stop a Diversion of Funds as well.


I haven't had a game versus Hivemind MaxX. I guess it would depend heavily on the Macrophages.

Since I just got the idea of the deck one week before the Continentals,  I had only time to test it versus the 419 and Apocs, which I thought are more significant. If your testing group is looking for members, let me know ;-)

Card Choices

Spin Doctor versus Preemptive Action. Preemptive trades 2 card draw for one more reshuffle. It is not trashable and saves an influence. Terminal Is not so much of a problem if you discard the agenda in the same turn with Hansei Review. It is also good with Bacterial Programming. When you are about to draw an agenda you can shuffle the deck without the draw of the Spin before. If  there is no urgent card to reshuffle: Economy is usually pretty good.

Cyberdex Sandbox was originally a Longevity Serum. Depending on the matchup it can provide quite some value. Two Macrophages were in the list anyway. It is the only agenda which is worth an effort to score. That can totally confuse the runner about the game plan if they haven't seen a Clearinghouse yet.

Sadaka did not really help. Originally as a tech versus Citadel Sanctuary and Net Mercur. The working strategy versus Cital was just to slam a second Clearinghouse.


I'm glad that my home-brewed deck worked so well:

  •    2 wins, 1 loss vs. 419

  •   1 win vs. Apoc Loup

  • The last two games were, 241s with my runner. Although I would have prefered to play corp.


Game 1 and Game 4  were streamed from my friends in German language: Rosenheim City Grid