Lets breakt it for 1c (1st in Lockdown #14)

ArminFirecracker 720

The deck lost only once against ACME. where I couldnt enter the server with Data Ward with Navi Mumbai City Grid.

No idea, why I added Fencer Fueno to the deck. But he is valueable to discard him with Nulls ability ;)

25 Apr 2021 Cpt_nice

This Null list is sexy and I should have played this instead of that virus jank I was one.

26 Apr 2021 ArminFirecracker

I like the Aumakua in your list. Together with more run based cards, it might be a good splash here as well.

Actually I had many unsatisfying test games with the first version of the deck. Finally I needed to cut all the Chisel, Devil Charm and Hippos for card draw and credits. Originally these were to get rid of Data Wards. Luckily I only played once against it. So my hope, with 7 points Acme doesn't see much play came kind of true.

27 Apr 2021 ShinChan

What about adding Ice Carver and Buffer Drive?

Buffer Drive will make up for your ID in the long run and Ice Carver will help with the toughest ices and also to save a bunch of credits from mid to late game.

30 Apr 2021 ArminFirecracker

I did have an Ice Carver in the list. But I cut it, because there are not too many strength 4 ICE where it really matters. Strength 6 can be done with one boost from Takobi. Ice Carver would be good against an early Archer or Trebuchet. But I rather get some tokens on Takobi or Leech than searching for an Ice Carver.

Buffer Drive is an idea. But as soon as you got tokens on Leech or Takobi there is little need for Nulls ability. So I had no problem of running out of cards except once against Jinteki. But Buffer Drive is also good for recursion, so it could replace the Simulchip.