NEH Boom Shutdown

CritHitd20 6340

Went 6-3, although it should have been 7-2 (I put the wrong card in a Diagnostics pile game 7 and didn't try to ask to switch it), and took me to 18th place. Beat 3 Whizzards, a Kate, a Kit, and an Andy, lost to Rude Girl CT, Whizzard, and Obelus Val.

My take on NEH Boom Shutdown, which I've been refining over the last month in private. I was very inspired by D'argenio's list, but felt that it contained a few superfluous choices and suffered from R&D density issues. This list attempts to win as fast as possible against a Whizzard meta, assuming that the runner will contest every remote (which is what my meta does, and what is correct to do against Shutdown NEH prior to scoring Breaking News).

Rather than try and fight out the Rumor Mills, I chose to include Midseasons as an alternative means of getting the two tags for the Diagnostics combo. The News Teams help with R&D density, assuming the runner isn't on Colony; I'd swap the Teams for Sensies if you assume the meta isn't going to be over 50% anarch. The Consulting Visits were excellent, allowing me to find my Midseasons or Boom if I was presented with the opportunity for a traditional kill.

This list will get worse as Obelus Val pervades itself, though if you would like to try a lite combo deck or just want to Boom people, I'd encourage you to give this list a shot.

12 Dec 2016 oldman

I think this would be very, very evil with Closed Accounts and Observe and Destroy. Obelus can say byebye.