[Standard] Advancing Politics

Zylus 66

This went 4-1 in the Stirling Circuit Opener (thanks RoRo for hosting!)

The main plan is to generate tons of value from runs and outpace the runner. Ubiquitous Vig is a key card, as it's expensive to trash (especially behind some ice which you should be able to spare for its remote) and generates insane amounts of money if left on the table. Otherwise, Vladisibirsk City Grid is the main way to fast advance in this deck, but you usually want to actually install agendas if you can safely do so as they are the juiciest target for Pravdivost counters.

For adjustments, I would probably cut the Drago / HHN / Psychographics OR lean heavier into tag punishment, as currently there isn't a lot you can do with the tags beyond trashing resources and scaring runners who haven't scouted that you're not running Boom.

12 Sep 2023 rkris

Alternatively, it is also reasonable to consider reducing the emphasis on Drago/HHN/Psychographics and instead focusing on incorporating more fast advance tools. Including more SanSans, Astroscripts, and trick of lights in the game plan could greatly accelerate its progress.

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