Hat Trick

Diogene 3057

Contest and control with every hat tricks Sunny can do.

Hat Trick

Mulligan plan : You need econ early. Fermenter is the best.

Game plan : run often to force the corp to Rez ices and use your hats to see more in HQ and R&D.

Initially, instead of Dr. Nuka Vrolyck, I tried with Zenit Chip JZ-2MJ. Getting 2 cards and a credit from a free run was awesome. But with Jinteki: Personal Evolution being everywhere, having a Core damage and needing to run to get more draw was not great. Dr. Nuka Vrolyck allowed me to get burst draw, which help a lot when you suspect End of the Line or Blood in the Water.

All our programs are viruses, thus giving a good incentive for a purge. Having Aumakua, Fermenter and Leech with 3+ virus counters each really invite the corp to purge us. This is where Acacia comes in. Purging will grant us a good influx of credits, making the next run with Security Nexus so much easier.

Citadel Sanctuary help for the unlikely event were the corp boost against Security Nexus and for lonely tags. And Hunting Grounds help against NBN ices and Loki.

You could change some influence to get Pinhole Threading, if you find it important.

Of note, importing Quetzal: Free Spirit on DJ Fenris can be rewarding for Jak Sinclair runs, because it is not a program.

I'm enjoying this list, it feels pretty responsive and pretty resilient to Hard-Hitting News, which is currently quite prevalent.


30 Mar 2023 Two_EG

This deck is super fun! (until they can rez Mavirus behind Anansi :P)

30 Mar 2023 Two_EG

Actually using Hush was quite satisfying with this list.

30 Mar 2023 Diogene

@Two_EG thanks! I'm glad you like it!

Initially I had Hush. But it was too easy for the corp to get rid of it by trashing their ice or rezzing a Magnet. This is why I went for Hunting Grounds. Anansi is such a great ice. It is the weak point for the deck. If it were a consideration, I would probably take out Hunting Grounds and No Free Lunch to have 2x Hush. Passing Anansi for one net damage is so much fun!

Thanks for sharing!

30 Mar 2023 Murse

Acacia had me looking up the text. Super fun include.

29 Apr 2023 Baa Ram Wu

@Diogene - re. Hush - they can only deal with a hush temporarily by rezzing a magnet. You can just spend a click to move it back to the ice it was on before your next run (as it is now blanking magnet)

Trashing ice is certainly a way of dealing with it - but you’ve then trashed a troublesome piece of ice for 1c and 1inf - so I think you’re winning that exchange!

29 Apr 2023 Diogene

@Baa Ram Wu that is a fair assessment. Like I wrote on my review of Hush, it is an understated card that is very good (I hadn't understood that Hush blank the Magnet on the runner's turn). I think I might slot out back.

19 May 2023 easterncalculus

No Top Hat??

Cool deck - found when going through the minifactions on NRDB.