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EDIT: This list has gotten a lot more attention than I was anticipating, and has started some really interesting discussions about the NetRunner rules. I think this comment form πŸ™πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ in GLC during some of the discussion there sums it up best:


Now that it's had its time as a fun joke, it's time to set the record straight. 1.16.2.d, which says

If an ability needs to know the value of a cost in a context where that cost is not being paid, treat any X that appears in that cost as 0.

seemed (to my interpretation and the rest of Bost) to indicate that this combo does not work. You "ignore" all costs with chest, ergo the cost is not being paid. Since posting it's come up in the ensuing discussions that there's enough ambiguity here that, at this point, no one is sure whether or not the rules allow it.

However, interpretations aside it certainly feels against the spirit of the NetRunner rules for the combo to actually work. I have no way of knowing if the NSG rules team will put out an update that addresses this one way or another, so the best I can offer right now is advice for TOs and judges to plan and advertise in advance how they plan to rule it for any tournaments that will be run. The last thing I want to see come of all this is an incident at a tournament where someone (knowingly or not) tries this in a competitive setting and gets a result they are not happy with.

Closing thought: this game is so rad god damn.

(original write-up follows)

When I first saw The Wizards Chest I was like HUUUHHHHHH?

And then I was like this must be straight ass, right? But then people were playing it with Jeitinho and I was like ok ok I kinda see it. Days pass.

Jan Tuno posts a list titled You know you want to do it. And you know, I kinda want to do it. But could we do more? Bug Out Bag begins to haunt me.

The gears turn. Wizard's Chest ignores all costs... and it can target resources... and with X cost cards you choose X before paying the cost. X could be anything! It could be 10! It could be 1,162!

This deck is designed to take all of the cards that are in your deck and put them into your hand by installing a gigantic Bug Out Bag off of Wizards Chest and win on the following turn. To that end there are two options to execute on the win:

  • Access most of R&D with a gigantic Severnius dig, probably winning, or
  • Rip three running hots and cycle Deep Dives with labor rights and katorga breakout, also probably accessing most of R&D (this time with Snare! protection)

Do not play this deck on JNet. Do not take this deck to a tournament. It totally works we promise (REAL).

It's pretty cool that NSG put the Comprehensive Rules in a place where anyone can take a look easily and make sure they haven't missed anything crucial. πŸ™‚

8 Apr 2024 maninthemoon

Love it! Can't wait to call a judge about this skateboard trick πŸ‘€

8 Apr 2024 maninthemoon


8 Apr 2024 Santa

Love this!! All aboard the hype train πŸš‚πŸ€―, wait… judge?!πŸ§‘β€βš–οΈπŸ€¨

8 Apr 2024 Radiant

It was fun while it lasted lmao

8 Apr 2024 BinkBonkle

I thought we were saving this for conts...

8 Apr 2024 ThatsNoMun

Big props on publishing this, a lesser builder would have kept this discovery to themselves going into the tournament season. I appreciate you keeping the playing field relatively level until the SBL can emergency ban the bag

8 Apr 2024 jan tuno

i would never ban the bag it's one of my favorite cards! i will simply ban maninthemoon instead

8 Apr 2024 Jeffrey Bosboom

Instead of banning Bug Out Bag or rewording it to work like Atman, Netrunner could adopt a rule similar to MtG's rule 107.3b, which says that if a player casts a spell with X in its cost "without paying its mana cost", X must be 0.

8 Apr 2024 maninthemoon

🀫 1.16.2.d πŸ‘€

8 Apr 2024 maninthemoon

@jan tuno Why me LMAO 😁

9 Apr 2024 enkoder

I hope this gets DotW so @amavric has to play it in stream

9 Apr 2024 Council


I am rarely speechless

11 Apr 2024 Limes

I love this absurd list so much

13 Apr 2024 CelestialSpark

Instructions unclear. Chest appears to contain 1/162th of a copy of Game Day and a family photo with my father's face replaced by the NSG comprehensive rules, page 16.

13 Apr 2024 krokmaster

Are you 100% sure this works? The exact wording of the rule is ". If an ability needs to know the value of a cost in a context where that cost is not being paid, treat any X that appears in that cost as 0." Since Bug Out Bag is checking the X value to determine how many counters to place, does it not just come in with 0 counters?

13 Apr 2024 krokmaster

...Maybe I just got r/whoosh-ed.

14 Apr 2024 Wentagon

This deck is illegal to play until Sunday, January 1st 2062

14 Apr 2024 Tamijo

It may be worth adding a note to your description that this is a joke so that people don't actually try to play it.

14 Apr 2024 CelestialSpark

I'm not actually sure if it's a joke, though, whether it's intended to be or not. 1.16.2.d refers to situations like Freedom trashing a Psychographics, where X has not been defined. Here, we have defined a value for X and the used an "ignoring all costs" effect. There doesn't seem to be anything stated about whether "ignoring all costs" counts as the cost not being paid, or if it was paid by voiding it. We also have a ruling that if you reduce the cost of an X-cost card by N (Career Fair), the card comes into play with N counters more than the amount you paid for the card.

15 Apr 2024 Kror

@CelestialSpark A better rule for context as to why this doesn't work is 1.16.5.c which removes the cost entirely, forcing it to be 0.

15 Apr 2024 CelestialSpark

@KrorNo, that's not relevant, because Bug Out Bag does not look at the cost paid to determine the number of counters, it looks at X. Again, referring to the ruling that Career Fair reduces the cost by 3 but does not reduce the value of X.

16 Apr 2024 Council

Slowly the steps are aligning.

Servernius Stim Implant for World Champ 2024 let's goo

18 Apr 2024 Tamijo

This absolutely does not work as per 1.16.2d, the name of this deck. The cost is not being paid ("ignoring all costs") so X is 0.

1.16.2c covers cost reduction, which works differently. You can Credit Kiting + Patchwork it to your heart's content, but Wizard's Chest doesn't work.