BahnCalamari 890

This is my NEXT rush deck. I have been tinkering with this deck since Up and Over came out and I think this is the best iteration. I see no reason why NEXT Design has not seen a t1 deck yet. The clicks saved by installing even 2 ice and drawing two additional cards is on par with the efficiency Andromeda gets.

I have tested with anywhere from 20-26 ice and I find that 22 is the sweet spot of hitting our ability and not being broke. If my math is right we have a 40% chance to draw at least 3 ice and a 75% chance of at least 2 ice pre-mulligan.

Average rez cost kept at 3.27. I have ran a Toy Box Build before and this is simply more consistent.

3 Bronze and Silver, Gold just a two. Mother is there to help but also allows you to sneak out an early Beta Test if they are not running other servers or you can afford to leave those ice unrezzed.

Eli and Markus are here to provide taxation and the latter also punishing those who facecheck with only a mimic out.

Pop-up and Architect help with our economy. It is also very nice to be able to pull back a Troubleshooter or Melange.

Turing is hate for the Eater matchups but is also a good tax on remotes in other ones.

Beta Test are our bread and butter and Committee allows us to fast advance with Shipment from SanSan. Bifrost Array for when you already have one of these scored to trigger it again. I have overscored Vitruvius before but generally those are the blank 3/2s we are just using to win.

We are only icing centrals and one remote. Jackson is on his own except for specific matchups where he warrants protecting. Melange will set in our one remote gaining us credits for a turn or two until they trash it or we need to install over it.

Don't waste your Peak Efficiency early unless you really need the cash (you shouldn't).

Don't be scared to rez your Gold if it can do any damage at all. You can always go for the kill later with a Troubleshooter.

27 Apr 2015 jrees

This looks great. I played alot of NEXT after it came out, and with NEXT Gold finally here you can put all the pieces together and be really scary. And I agree with your comparison to Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie, if you get to redraw after placing ice you could have effectively an 8-card hand PLUS 3 free clicks.
One thing I thought about tho was maybe changing out an Eli 1.0 for a second Mother Goddess, since you made the point that it could give you a window early and it counts as NEXT ice which Eli doesn't. And while I'm not sure what you would remove to make space for it, Biotic Labor would make rushing out points even easier.

27 Apr 2015 BahnCalamari

Hey @jrees, thanks for the kind words. I did toy with the idea of a second Mother. I agree that Eli would be the easy swap but I am always concerned about the dead draw potential which would be especially devastating early or in the initial ID ability. The perks might warrant it in the long run but I have been sticking to the consistency plan so far.

Biotic would obviously be awesome too but, as you said, I would have to cut something I am not willing to. I need this amount of ice at a minimum and cutting my econ means I would not be able to afford to Biotic at all.

27 Apr 2015 hi_impact

It's always nice to go back to the fundamentals - which is what NEXT is best at. Good ice placement, simple econ, and ICE designed to stop and tax, and a auxiliary, nearly in-faction FA option that actually uses HB's otherwise terrible agendas.

I love this deck. This is like sitting down to a nice glass of whiskey after drinking shitty expensive beer with your hipster friends all day.

27 Apr 2015 x3r0h0ur

I believe you might get more value out of archived mems than PE, using it in conjunction with eff comm to archived mem-> melange, use melange. This also forces a run, or you get rich. I like PE, but its kind of dead early. Enabling 'must run melange' plays seems super good in a taxing/rush deck, giving the runner less time to setup. Otherwise, I think it's clear you've been testing this for a long time.

28 Apr 2015 SlayerCNV

just this, anyway...how this is against keyhole decks?

28 Apr 2015 SlayerCNV

and then...Bifrost Array adds counter on Efficiency Committee??

28 Apr 2015 Dydra

Looks interesting. Great job! :)

28 Apr 2015 BahnCalamari

@x3r0h0ur That is a great suggestion actually. I did test out Memories in the past but I think I have changed quite a few things since then. Your point about the Melange combo seems strong.

28 Apr 2015 BahnCalamari

@SlayerCNV Well... I am running 2x Jackson and 2x Turing. Keyhole can still have some lucky early runs if they get their eater-hole combo out early but we usually have 2-3 ice on R&D at that point so at least it will cost them.

Yes, If you have a Committee scored and you score a Bifrost Array, the committee will get three more counters.

29 Apr 2015 Veste

I had so much fun playing a NEXT Design: Guarding the Net deck that was rush focused. This looks much more polished and I like all of your includes. I will definitely be play testing this a lot! Thanks for sharing.

29 Apr 2015 alexstevens

I'm using a similar agenda scoring plan in my current Stronger Together deck, and I decided to replace the Vitruviuses with NAPDs, as the ABTs and Bifrosts generally provide enough targets for Shipment and NAPD is just that much more protection against runner aggression.

29 Apr 2015 say200426

If my turing is not arrived yet, what card would you recommend?

29 Apr 2015 SlayerCNV

@alexstevens Viktor or 1 excalibur and an ice u want (Viktor, maybe)

29 Apr 2015 BahnCalamari

@say200426 Before Turing came out I was running IQ in that slot. I also did testing with Viktor 2.0 but liked how IQ was a hard EtR.

29 Apr 2015 Veste

Any thoughts on playing this against Valencia? Especially when they have a lot of draw or recursion? So far that has been my worst matchup with this deck with no real way to stop Blackmail runs. Otherwise loving it! Turing and Eli on a remote is awesome!

30 Apr 2015 DarlingSensei

Do you find the current operation economy to be sufficient? NEXT seems to always want burst econ early. Has the 3 hedge 2 sweeps plan been okay?

30 Apr 2015 BahnCalamari

@Veste Yeah, Blackmail decks are going to be an issue. Aside from teching against them the only defense I have found is trying to bluff a Melange as an agenda, hope they blackmail it and then hope they don't have a second one the next turn when you install-advance a Committee.

30 Apr 2015 BahnCalamari

@DarlingSensei, I do. We are actually running 15 pieces of economy, Hedge, Sweeps, Melange, Peaks, Popups, Shipments.

I usually see at least one of my Hedge or Sweeps in my first hand (initial 5 +2 or 3 ice draws +first turn draw)

30 Apr 2015 jrees

@Veste Ive found the best way to combat Blackmail is to already have ice rezzed on your scoring server, so if this is really an issue, maybe running Executive Boot Camp will work? @BahnCalamari You don't have much room to cut stuff, but perhaps replacing 1 Melange Mining Corp. and 1 Jackson Howard with the boot camp (since it can be used to tutor both and ups the effective number of each one to 3) can give you the flexibility to get either one quickly AND let you start rezzing some ice early without the necessity of a run?

30 Apr 2015 Veste

Maybe I will try the Executive Boot Camp thanks @jrees. I have been doing something to that effect @BahnCalamari and managed to get 3 blackmails in the heap with no Same Old Thing on the board. He had one in hand when I thought I had a window and closed out the game 7-5 :-/ I think the only solution is teching against it. That was the closest game I've had in the 4 Blackmail decks I've seen. The deck performs quite well against just about everything else!

30 Apr 2015 jakechance

I just played this deck for the first time against Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman running Study Guide. Escher did quite a bit of damage against me but having a NEXT Silver with 7 subroutines didn't hurt. Thanks to an Architect I was able to score Bifrost Array and re-trigger my Accelerated Beta Test for a guaranteed three ICE install.

2 May 2015 esutter479

@BahnCalamari - First of all, I love this deck! I've been trying to find a way to build up a competitive NEXT Design for as long as I can remember. Like pimpin'...that ain't easy, heh. I just have one question for you. If I'm out of Pop-up Windows because I'm using them for another Corp deck, what can you recommend in its place?

2 May 2015 shortforeskin

Do you think that Turing should be a 3-of? It seems crazy important in an Eater/Keyhole meta. I think I would cut 1 Architect for it - since Architect can easily be broken by Mimic. What are your thoughts there?

I really want this ID to work - and have playtested a bit with your version. The added Ice we have to play really limits our Economy options. While I love Corporate Troubleshooter - do you think it's too credit intensive for such a light economy deck? Peak Efficiency is good but relies on you already having credits to rez ice - so it's better in the late game, but not too hot in the early-mid. How do you feel about Blue Level Clearance? Could be abused by Efficiency Committee.

3 May 2015 sniperbag

Having played a NEXT Design: Guarding the Net deck with Mandatory Upgrades, which I found here on NDB, for some time now, this ligitimately brings new fresh air to the ID. Simple and yet still exciting. Well done!

4 May 2015 us0rman

is there nothing that can be used instead of sweeps week?

4 May 2015 Arkhon

Is there any value in adding Errand Boy for additional speed, economy and tax value? Or is the cost, low strength and porosity too much of a liability for this kind of deck?

4 May 2015 Heartthrob

Been getting in a lot of reps in against this deck and I really like it. It's a tough matchup for the runner, especially if they've never seen it. Having played against it now with Calimsha Kate, Siphon MaxX, Stealth Andy, Leela and Exile, I can say that it's only real weaknesses I've found are the same weaknesses any NEXT ice deck has...early siphons with R&D/Legwork followups before you can get NEXT ice online and recurring parasites to wipe out the Silvers. With no Crisium or Caprice as backup siphon protection, that has been my main attack against this deck when I've been able to beat it. Overall though, this is a really cool deck with just enough tricks in the bag to punish runners who aren't prepared for its play style. Nice work!

5 May 2015 evilgaz

Nice list! The issue I've had with NEXT is that at some point in a tournament you'll get zero ICE on the Mulligan and have blank ID... Have you tried Foundry as an ID? This is excellent for getting MOAR NEXT ICE, so the abilities of your ICE start building up quicker.

With extra influence you can afford all three Jacksons etc.

Anyway, good job on the list!

5 May 2015 tonybluehose

Peak Efficiency has become one of my new favorite econ cards. There's a sense of not wanting to rez ice on HQ (in circumstances to prevent siphon), but what I love about Peak Efficiency is that you feel free to rez away. Even if they hit you with a siphon, you can get off the ground and running quickly. It goes great with the Next ICE and the Grail Ice--all of which you want to rez anyway.

All that to say--glad you included that card, I think it's a good fit for your deck!

6 May 2015 BahnCalamari

@shortforeskin I think you can swap a Arch for a Turing if you are struggling with that matchup. I found 2 was good enough.

Troubleshooter and Peak kind of work together if you don't manage to rush enough early game. They are our plan B and are not really taking up too many spots. You can swap around to your own taste of course.

6 May 2015 BahnCalamari

@us0rman You can change Sweeps for other econ if you need to, Successful Demonstration for example. Sweeps is just really good in the Andy matchups t1.

6 May 2015 BahnCalamari

@Arkhon, Yeah, porosity is the main issue there. If you want to make money there are better ice to do that.

6 May 2015 jrees

@us0rman Other options to replace Sweeps Week: Medical Research Fundraiser has the drawback of giving the runner money but it makes you 5 instead of the 4 which is usually what you would get from sweeps; Beanstalk Royalties gives you 3 and costs 0; Celebrity Gift can earn you 7 but you have to show your whole hand.

7 May 2015 cmcadvanced

@shortforeskin corporate troubleshooter and architect are pretty much meant for each other. Only takes a credit to fix architect against mimic, and you can get it right back after you use it. Thanks for enlightening me to this synergy @BahnCalamari

20 Jul 2015 Horse85

Played a few games with this deck yesterday, and I really like it so far. One big question, though... Am I missing something with regards to Shipment? I mean I get that it works with Efficiency Committee, but wouldn't Biotics be ten times better since they just work all the time without having a certain agenda scored beforehand? I mean it seems to me that all Shipment does without EC is net two credits. That's like playing a Sweeps Week when the runner has three cards.

12 Aug 2015 Vimes

@Horse85 my guess is that Biotic Labor is too expensive in a deck that is already stretched a bit wise.

I'm wondering how best to use the Pop-up Windows in the deck, since everything else is ETR. Are they meant to be used before the game starts for early economy as the runner goes through them to rush centrals, or do you hold onto them lategame to make them the til of the iceberg? Seems installing them willy nilly will just eat some creds midgame. Unless they are prime candidates to pitch and Architect for.

13 Aug 2015 Horse85

Biotics are expensive because they actually do something. Shipments just don't, unless you happen to have scored an Efficiency Committee. And they cost influence.

30 Sep 2015 Shielsy

so with mulligans theres a 6% chance you'll have 0 or 1 ICE, whereas for 45 cards and 18 ICE (having just cut the 4 worst) you'd still only hace a 10.5% chance of having 0 or 1 ICE with mulligans.

IMO this is super low, and it'd definitely be worth bringing the deck size and number of ICE down, to see your best cards more often.

30 Sep 2015 BahnCalamari

@Shielsy, that would be increasing my agenda density by about two percent though, which also needs to be considered.

For me, 49 cards is the balance I like. If you find your results are better at 45 - great!