Line end when you meet Bloop (1 th Austrian Nationals 3:1)

mildesorte10 452

Origano deck is from @Watzlav, i just change few cards

30 Jan 2023 iref

Nicely done! Congratz on nationals victory!!

30 Jan 2023 Watzlav

Congratulations. I did not expect my deck to find such success.

30 Jan 2023 mildesorte10

@iref``@Watzlav thanks guys 🙏

31 Jan 2023 Longi

I really like all the synergies in the deck, even the subtle ones that you do not see until you face it. Very well build @Watzlav @mildesorte10, congrats on the 1st place;)

31 Jan 2023 mildesorte10

Thank you @Longi , thanks for our game.

31 Jan 2023 5N00P1

Congrats on the win!

1 Feb 2023 percomis