"Vegetarian" AgInfusion (1st at Bern CO)

lostgeek 3375



Surely a deck that tries to score out 7 points, but only kills in self-defense when disturbed still counts as vegetarian.. right?

This deck was created by @testrunning and I decided to bring it to have some fun at the Bern CO this weekend. And some fun was had!

You just play a regular glacier AgInfusion style. No Keeling to be seen anywhere. Tax their hand a bit with Data Loop and Anemone, while scoring things defended by Daniela Jorge Inácio. But if they are not cautious and slip, you murder them in cold blood ask them nicely to reconsider breathing.

Extra fun is to be had with Fujii Asset Retrieval + Daniela Jorge Inácio + Tucana + Anemone for a surprise 6 "damage" on steal if they are not careful.

Thanks to all my opponents at the CO for some fun games and good times that were had and @ataraxis for organising the tournament!

11 Sep 2023 Jinsei

Synthmeat AGInfusion: New Miracles for a New Meta

11 Sep 2023 ayyyliens

On a scale of worthless/10 how bad was Attini

11 Sep 2023 lostgeek

@ayyyliens I'd say it was about 🍫/10

11 Sep 2023 izzy

Glad this exists <3 Tucana is really the icing on the cake.

11 Sep 2023 Testrunning

@ayyyliensI dont get why Attini should be bad. It has FC3 stat lines and in this deck the net damage actually matters. Sure it is worse than DNA, but that is a high bar. There isn't really any other medium to big (jinteki) Code Gate that compares. Vampy costs more, has less str and does less net

15 Sep 2023 ayyyliens

It's mostly it facecheck. The runner get the choice to pay either 6 or net damage (or a mix). The threat ability is unreliable and hush is not an uncommon card. Even with threat its just 3 net damage. DNA tracker take away both cards and money everytime, vampy also guarantees 2 net everytime (and fuels Void if you play it). So I'd rather max out my vampy cards over attini. When you are setup the numbers come out the same with most decoders and the 6c is an upside. I understand DNA tracker was absolutley insane but I feel they cut too much teeth of Attini. I'd even pick Ivik over it.

25 Sep 2023 revengeanceful

@lostgeekGreat writeup, I’m really enjoying the list! Curious about your thoughts on NGO Front. I feel like having an advanced card plausibly be something other than an agenda would make things more challenging on the runner, but wasn’t sure if that’s something you already tested and decided against. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

25 Sep 2023 lostgeek

Arguably some of the Hansei Review could be replaced with NGO Front. Might be the correct choice, though often it's best for the Runner to not contest the remote at all once a number of cards are installed in it.

25 Sep 2023 revengeanceful

Got it, that definitely makes sense. Thanks!