New Rushy ACME - ACC 3rd place & 5th in top

mao 935

I wanted to go fast but also to be able to build a good wall to make it difficult for Runners to gain value from runs and charging their Endurance.

ACME is one of the best Corp to do that.

This is simply the updated list of Limes's one that went almost undefeated in the last year American Championship, hence the name. So I won't write much here.

Offworld Office instead of Cyberdex Sandbox, and Government Subsidy to keep up the slightly worse econ after the loss of Cyberdex. Of course the list can have different, and maybe better, variants. I never managed to use Psychographics for example.

Although, it lost me only 2 matches all the day, against Lat of course. Not that it's a very bad matchup, I won also one Lat in the swiss. The victory goes to the deck that rushes more, so the matchup is very draw dependent.

In the top I felt I did a mistake by double icing HQ instead of R&D to avoid giving free counters to Endurance, but I lost from Stargate before I could install the winning agenda.

When the Arella Salvatore's train goes though, there is not much the Runner can do.

29 Aug 2022 lopert

With Psychographics as the only tag punishment, and with some much drip / Misdirection available, do you find Hard-Hitting News is worth it?

Feels like the ACME ability plus the ICE might do enough of a good job at discouraging early runs?

29 Aug 2022 mao

Hard-Hitting News opened me a couple of scoring windows during the tournament. You need to give the Runner something else to worry about other than the ice. But I would definetly suggest to try some other form of tag punishment. Also Public Trail plus something else may be an idea.

29 Aug 2022 mao

Hard-Hitting News force the Runner to lose one turn though. In a close match it may be key.

29 Aug 2022 mao

Hard-Hitting News forces the Runner to lose a turn though. In a close match it may be key.