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This is the deck I took to the Canton Games SC. It went 3-1 in Swiss, beating Argus, CI, and Titan. Lost to Punitive CI.

The cut at this event was.... weird. I was 5th at the end of swiss, but one of the players in the cut had already won a SC so he dropped.

Round 1: I was pressuring CI until I saw Punitive, then had to dig for a Brain Chip. They scored a vanity and had a GFI in a remote. I got into HQ 3 times to try to win. Found another Vanity, but couldn't find the 3rd (it was 1 in 11). So I got blown up.

Round 2: Argus got flooded. It isn't hard to win as Adam vs flood.

Round 3: CI got flooded. It isn't hard to win as Adam vs flood.

Round 4: Titan. This game was a ridiculous grind that really tested the deck. I had to win to have any hope of making the cut. Turn 1, Titan scored a Hostile to get their hand clean. I was then able to lock down HQ, using Find the Truth and Corporate defector to know everything that was going into hand, building up Turning Wheel counters the whole time. Unfortunately everything the corp was drawing was Money or Econ. The one agenda they drew was using a Green Level Clearance, but I was lucky enough to find it right away. I found a GFI using turning wheel on R&D. when time was called, my opponent conceded. I had control of the board, but our game had been interrupted several times by things outside our control. We had a hard-deadline as we had to leave the venue so TO couldn't easily extend our time. It ended up not mattering as I would have been in 5th place even with a timed win.

Finals - This was a weird game. My opponent was on CTM and playing super loose. I was convinced things that were NGOs were Agendas and vice-versa. I ended up playing too cautiously and let him get to 4 points. I went ham on R&D, got to 6 points, and forgot to use my turning wheel on my final access. He tripled advanced what I thought was an 'NGO' and scored the game winning GFI.

Thoughts on the deck:

Adam might just be a real runner now thanks to RNG Key and Emergent Creativity. The two cards easily sorted out my economy and and let me run a good breaker suite.

RNG Key: So much has been said about this card. The synergy with Find the Truth is really good. Couple that with Equivocation and Corporate Defector then you should have reasonable guesses going into HQ. In my titan game I was able to trigger it several times on HQ accesses. Early you can take the money or the cards. Late I usually just took the money.

Emergent Creativity: This let me play 1x Magnum Opus and see it every game I wanted it. Wonderful tutor for Adam. The Double is a real consideration as I don't love playing it turn 1. I usually didn't get down to 2 cards to trigger the draw when I used it for mopus or RNG. Also, trashing Femme Fatale to get Femme is just wonderful. Or Paperclip/Black Orchestra to get MOpus.

Equivocation: Leveraging Femme Fatale I was able to pressure R&D a lot. Equivocation made every trip in valuable.

The Turning Wheel: Easily the best multi access for Adam right now. You want to be running a lot to enable RNG Key. TTW lets you benefit even when you aren't stealing.

Drug Dealer: I love this card. I think it is better for Adam than Earthrise Hotel (It can be argued for EH if you are on Career Fair. But I think I only installed this card once all day. The Dr. Lovegood Synergy is very strong, but it is two cards. sometimes you can't afford to play it. But this build is rich enough that if you have MOpus or RNG running you can afford the credit.

The rest of the resources: They are just good cards for Adam. I get Sea-Sourced a lot, so I like to have spares of the mission-critical directives.

Almost forgot! Mining Accident: You are running centrals a lot, excellent card for punishing the corp for something you are happy to do anyway. Bad Pub makes Femme even better.

Final Thoughts

RNG should be 3x. It is that important to see early. I might add in a Q-Coherence Chip just for early MU. I love my rig to be MOpus, RNG, Equivocation, and Aumakua. If I havent seen an agenda or a Brain Chip then that rig isn't possible.

If you want to talk Adam, join the #adamlounge on slack. or hit me up here. As CodeMarvelous told me yesterday, Adam is a Real Boy now!

5 Feb 2018 Yukon

Unless you have a super compelling reason to run like crazy, use the Sometimes Be Running suite of directives.

6 Feb 2018 neuropantser

Congrats on the finish! What's the plan against Skorp?

6 Feb 2018 neuropantser

Congrats on the finish! What's the plan against Skorp?

6 Feb 2018 thunderfist

@neuropantser I doubt Skorpios is an issue with 3 AI, 2 Femme and ABR.

6 Feb 2018 thunderfist

@neuropantser I doubt Skorpios is an issue with 3 AI, 2 Femme and ABR.

18 Feb 2018 voidreturn

Did you use directives other than the ones you have listed here?