Haas Bioroid Gateway Score server

svysockih 2

I built this as first deck for new players, who've just met with basics of Netrunner. So I used only System Gateway cards.

The deck doesn't have traces or many damage, wich needs your careful control of the table. It has only one simple idea: create super strong score server with duo of Anoetic Void and Manegarm Skunkworks.

When the runner breach this remote, the Corp may choose what will trigger firstly. Firstly you should trigger Manegram to force him lose two clicks or five credits. He losed them and decided to continue? Nice! Now you trigger Anoetic. So end the run) Runner lose so many resourses, but run was unsucсessful. Moreover, no chance to trash the duo of Anoetic and Manegram, you should start run again.

So the deck has no other tricks, but can show new players pain of this combo and power of Haas.