Pre-paid Kit and the Inversificator Slide

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I love Kit, I have been building Kit decks since I started playing. Kit is amazing, Kit is brilliant at tackling Code Gates, but I fear getting locked out which means I usually fall into the Trap of building ‘Big Rig’ Kit decks, leaning in to Decoders (Engolo, Hyperbaric, Unity, Buzzsaw) and then shoring up their difficulty against other type with cards like Egret, Chameleon, Pelangi, then trying to get important cards out with SMC (ouch that hurts my credit pool), then needing MU to support the rig, and multi-access in some form because running more than once per-turn is Tricky for Kit and then you need Econ to pay for it all and Draw to get it all and 5 more turns than the game lasts to get it set up… I have seen Kit deck do well with a proper suite of breakers…but what if Kit could do ‘Small Rig’, and just decoders and still get into server 4 ICE deep…

Enter Inversificator, Engolo and Mass-Driver each of which is a decoder that individually can get through Any 2 ICE T&C apply. And together can get through any 4 ICE T&C apply - what they need is the Inversificator Slide

1 ICE on a remote - Run - switch ICE to make sure you move any code gates to the remote you want to run.

2 ICE on a remote - Run - The Inversificator Slide - pass the first piece of ICE then slide it to the position of the second piece of ICE (it keeps Code Gate), pass as normal

Now you need more tricks, if you haven’t managed to move Code Gates where you want them

3 ICE on a remote - Run - Inversificator Slide for ICE one and 2, Engolo to make another piece of ICE into a Code Gate, pass as normal

4 ICE on a remote - Run - Inversificator Slide, Engolo to transform ICE then Mass-Driver to break and jump past the next ICE

So a full rig that will pass any 4 ICE server is only 3 programs (5 MU)… And it can get past bigger servers if there are Code Gates left lying around…what could go wrong…

Problem 1 - these Decoders are EXPENSIVE.

Enter a card that only works if you are running a small number of programmes (tick - only 3 programmes in the entire deck), and you don’t care which order them come out in (tick - I am Kit, I just need a decoder) - Spark of Inspiration. Now Spark is a little pricey but we can off-set that Prepaid VoicePAD and Mystic Maemi. Because we are leaning into PPVP to pay for Spark of Inspiration we can use Event based economy and multi-access, which means Aniccam is the perfect console.

Problem 2 - Can’t find Spark of Inspiration, or Decoders get trashed.

Test Run, event - works with PPVP and useful in a pinch.

Problem 3 - Locked out of a server.

Non-programme based Backup breaker = Boomerang. So it doesn’t clash with Spark of Inspiration or need more MU

Problem 4 - Late game Econ.

The Kit often needs quite a bit of Econ to get set-up, event-based burst Econ is great and works with the PPVP set-up, but doesn’t last. So we have Harmony AR Therapy to recur Econ (or other things as needed) and 1 x of some spicy tech Gebrselassie to be added to Inversificator to mean during the Slide we don’t need to boost strength.

Is it possible this is the Kit deck I have been searching for…

11 May 2023 PreNic

How can I say no to a deck playing Inversificator AND Mass-Driver. Thanks for sharing, this is the true spirit of playing Shaper <3

11 May 2023 Diogene

Amazing write-up! Kit is my favorite runner. I'll give it a spin!

Some questions:

  1. Why no Diesel?
  2. Why not 2x Mystic Maemi instead of the Deuces Wild.
  3. Why no Misdirection and what could be the Hard-Hitting News mitigation?

Thanks for sharing!

11 May 2023 Loki37

Hey @PreNic thanks :-) let me know how it goes!

11 May 2023 Loki37

Hey @Diogene thank you! Again please let me know how it goes.

Some answers :-)

  1. mostly play style, once Aniccam is in place I rarely feel like I 'need' Diesel (however I know opinions will vary on this)
  2. that is a good call and one I will test out
  3. mostly my plan is 8 credits (+/- Deuces) and slightly more carefully play, I considered this but it is a real pain when you use Spark of Inspiration for a decoder and hit it...
11 May 2023 Swiftie

What about more econ cards like Daily Casts?

11 May 2023 Loki37

Hey @SwiftieI feel I might regret asking but which of my lovely cards are you wanting to replace...

11 May 2023 rotage

I approve of this deck

11 May 2023 Loki37

Ah thanks @rotagethat actually means a lot /g

1 Jul 2023 Reverse

Possibly 1 Networking instead of Misdirection to combat HHN? Instead of a Deuces Wild.

2 Jul 2023 Loki37

@Reverse Thank you, that is a great call, and is now in the latest iteration of this idea.