Modified BoatyMcBoatDeck (2-1 5th in Swiss in Delaware CO)

coldlava 89

This is a slight tweak to CritHitd20's Captain Padma Isbister: Intrepid Explorer list that was last week's deck list of the week. Not a ton to say as the only tweaks were that I replaced the Unity with a Hyperbaric and to support it and the Boat I brought in two Rigging Ups which replaced Daeg, First Net-Cat (sorry Daeg) and the 3rd Diesel. Daeg, sadly I don't think is great especially if you don't find it early and with the Earthrise Hotel I find I usually have enough draw that a 3rd Diesel may not be needed.

Thank you Sanjay for running the tournament and Ysengrin for streaming and commentating