Jamieson 281

I have been getting few messages for the list that I ran at worlds. I think it was tied for top PE on the day - although it did do better the day before in the ICE BREAKER only dropping 1 game and getting me inside the Top 10 for a finish

this was a super fun list to play and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did

Thanks to my team mate Cory for help on testing and tweaking.

Win Conditions

Kill - this is the first. With the help of ID ability, Philotic, other agenda abilities, traps, Bio-ethics and the ICE. We also have the fancy 24/7 philotic, if you get this scored early you can wait till they scoop a bunch of 1 pointers and 0 pointers then 24/7 the philotic for a win.

Agenda Score: this is 2ndary. I play this as the never advance style - install agendas out without protection or maybe a Fetal with a Hokusai and just advance. If you can score an early Chronos Project you can 24/7 it later for a timed removal. I was able to do this one game and remove the 2 tools the runner had to break barriers and was able to score out behind a Vanilla.

DONT FORGET IF YOU SCORED FALSE LEAD, OR HOUSE OF KNIVES TOKENS - these are easy to overlook if you get too focused on the main play area and the false lead gets burried off to the side. This can set up a kill window you dont want to miss.

Project Kusanagi: love this new addition to Jinteki. It can be used as another point of free damage from the ID ability, also its food for 24/7 and Archer.

Flex Spot - the crisium grid is what I settled on but I have tried disposable HQ and also Closed Accounts and with players holding tags I think i feel like closed accounts is the right call now. But feel free to slot what you feel is the best fit for your meta.

Money : Apart from having the credit pool to score agendas, rez ICE and assets we want money to be able to trigger traps (nothing like the runner hitting a SNARE and you cant pay it) and the psi game of the Psychic Field. To keep up with this and combat the few account siphons I wanted to be able to recover quick so we added in the sweeps weeks and Stock Buy-Back. This lets you recover with only the need of a single credit. With all the 1 pointers and 0 pointers ( Kusanagi doing work again) the return on a well timed Stock Buy-Back can be huge. then after all that because it is the staple of all econ we add hedge fund.

DNA Tracker: this was another great new addition to Jinteki pool. It makes sure the runner does not just need to get a sentry breaker down and start running. It makes them think and question a little more. It is pricy but thats why we have the money cards working for us. I never had a money problem.

Some other defensive tips that were put in this deck. Employee Strike wreaks us. Turning off the ID ability makes us very sad. I felt the best fight against this was that we can score 6 cards from hand ( 3x Clone Retirement 3x Project Kusanagi) - are you starting to love Project K more now ;)

As added Bonus i knew there was going to be a lot of VAL in the field and scoreing an early Clone Retirement removes the BP - its not game changing against this deck but its just fun to do and forces a change in attack plan sometimes.

Your game plan needs to change if you come up against Obelus. This is a very hard matchup and the best way I found to combat this is to look for those openings and leverage the Chonos Project ability as much as you can. 24/7 that if you need to. Obelus players can be hard to kill with net damage. Not Impossible but very hard.

Jinteki - Born from fun



19 Nov 2016 Ber

When I first saw Project Kusanagi I thought it looked terrible because it had to be overadvanced to use its ability. You make a good case for it in PE here though, you got me convinced!

19 Nov 2016 BizTheDad

I'm guessing your do a lot of clicking for credits?

20 Nov 2016 hutch9514

What are your thoughts on Profiteering? Seems good in here

20 Nov 2016 SourSweet
  • 2 Sweeps + 2 Stock by back. The runner will end up with at least 4 agendas pretty quick... thats 11cred for every SBB.
21 Nov 2016 hlynurd

How about slotting an Observe and Destroy if tag-me runners are so hard?

22 Nov 2016 Jamieson

@Berthanks - it does a lot of work in this style of deck for sure and as we see more forfeit an agenda cards come out it will even get better

22 Nov 2016 Jamieson

@BizTheDad i wouldnt say alot but i do it more to control the pace of card draw

22 Nov 2016 Jamieson

@hutch9514 i like the money burst but i wouldnt know what agendas to cut - you could try replacing the false lead

23 Nov 2016 Jamieson

@TooSharp that is an interesting pick and probably worth a try. The only thing that I worry about is that this deck is not really credit taxing so it might be hard to have the runner at fewer than 6 credits

23 Nov 2016 hlynurd

Maybe a Best Defense?

23 Nov 2016 hlynurd

Does Bio-Ethics Association more than 1 net damage and force the runner to run and trash?