ALL THE MONEY! 4-1 in Swiss. 9th Canadian National

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Is it good?

I managed to get 4-1 with this!

I think this list can be improved in multiple ways

I feel there's something missing for it to be really good.

It's not Top8 Material, if it's what you're looking for :p

alt text

Why this list?

I built this deck with only one goal :

Getting rewared for with every runner actions!

The only thing they can do that dont help me is clicking for credits.

The rest is either taxing for them, or it gives me credits.

It's really fun to play, it's Fair®™ Netrunner.

How To Play it?

Play Death and Taxes aggressively.

Kakugo goes on the remote.

Tithonium should go to either remote or RnD.

Mirāju is there to prevent Indexing, so play one on RnD for sure, the second one is there to kill their Indexing tech, so you can install it either RnD if they have Femme Fatale or Archives if they Rebirth into Omar.

The rest of Ices can go anywhere, I tend to keep weaker ices on HQ, because it's defended with Snare!.

Marcus Batty goes in the remote unless you sense some Apocalypse coming, he will be your one-shot Caprice Nisei or blow out with Tithonium, you can trigger Marcus Batty after the encounter so they cant get Paperclip back anymore, kill the paperclip with Batty, kill 2 other programs, a resource (Film Critic/Turning Wheel) and end the run.

Ark Lockdown is there to punish Heap Breakers and to remove Levy and powerful events.

How It went

Round 1 - Kyle C

Forgot the game, but it's cool to meet a fellow Game dev.

Round 2 - Eric C (Winner) - Valencia

He had Find The Truth and RNG Key with Omar. We ran out of time I had more Agendas points, he conceded me the victory, thank you!

Round 3 - Andrej G - Geist

I had a bad matchup against Geist, I have to rush agendas and cross fingers I forgot to put Mirāju on Rnd, got Indexed and Mad Dashed

Round 4 - Please help me find you - Chaos Theory

I managed to rush agendas like crazy, since we only had around 10min to play after our long and grindy IG game

Round 5 - Mattew G - Ayla

The Apocalypse was really close, but I had a plan to recover from it anyway.

I have a comment, an advice, an insult?

Go for it!

26 Mar 2018 formerteen

hello! joshua q here. i wasn't on chaos theory and IG (i was on kim and PU) so i think you may have mistaken me for another torontonian (or perhaps just another joshua).

18 Apr 2018 is44ru

@formerteen Sorry, I tried to use the results ranking to remember/guess my round 4 opponent. I goofed somewhere, and I cant find them anymore :'(