[1st V-COM] A Boomerang, Botulus and Turtle walk in a bar

ArminFirecracker 753

With this deck I became first in the V-COM async tournament. It started right after banning Endurance, so the meta wasn't clear at all.

The combination of Aumakua, Leech, Boomerang and Botulus is very good for getting into servers. Especially against strong ICE from corps like The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated.

Masterwork (v37) and Zenit Chip JZ-2MJ gives the draw.

PAN-Weave often ends up being the way to keep the corp down. Its tough for them to keep the runner out.

The multiple copies of hardware are trashed in the ideal case by the meat damage of installing other hardware.

Prognostic Q-Loop gives a lot of value with a total of 28 instalables.

Hard-Hitting News can be a problem for this deck. Often I go tag me sooner or later and try to get rid of the BOOM!s or keep the corp too poor to play it.

I also tried Steelskin Scarring and Simulchip. But I ended up cutting those.

In a different version, I was also running Buffer Drive and Clot which is a good way of stopping fast advance and helps also versus grinder.