Fetch Quest Chronos 0.5

Xandorius 989



I stumbled across this deck idea while tweaking influence use to trigger the condition on Salem's Hospitality. According to the netrunnerdb search results, it looks like it's the first Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-mapping deck to use Daily Quest so I figured I'd get the jump on the writeup. 75% winrate on jnet across the first 20 games. Some tweaking needed, but it's off to a great start! Let's make Fetch happen!


The first trick of this deck is landing a Daily Quest turn 1, or as early as possible. Your ICE suite almost all has damage on it so if the runner face-checks the Quest server, you can use your ID to snipe out key cards from the runner's hand. That early tempo loss can put you at a great early advantage.

If the runner doesn't complete their quest, you'll make more money than you really need, even with only one Quest on the board.


The agenda suite is the usual one, with special thought given to Bacterial Programming. The 7 cards of information can often give you your scoring plan, econ, the kill package, or some of each. Most runners will play as if its Obokata Protocol so scoring windows are often large. Don't be afraid to lose an early Bacterial Programming because of how much information and filtering it gives you.


The MVP in the deck so far is Daily Quest. It's often worth trying to get it turn one. NGO Front pretends to be an agenda, Rashida Jaheem speeds up your plans and Snare! bonks the runner.


Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-mapping creates a kill combo using Complete Image if the runner has 2 cards in hand, or 3 cards in hand if you have Salem's Hospitality. Don't be afraid to use Salem's or a Neural EMP early to both get knowledge of the runner's hand and snipe important cards. Sniping duplicates (or triplicate!) with Salem's Hospitality can be a massive tempo hit.


Almost all the ICE has damage on it, to trigger you ID if the runner facechecks a Daily Quest server turn 1. That tempo loss is definitely worth the rez cost. Saisentan was picked over Anansi because it can be potentially rezzed turn one in front of the Quest if you click for a credit.

Data Loop guards Obokata Protocol but it also reduces cards in hand, putting the runner in potential kill range unless they draw back up. Thimblerig is surprisingly useful as you can use it mid-late game to rearrange ICE and get the Data Loop to the front of a server and the ETR ICE last. Cortex Lock with even 1 damage is often broken because the runner doesn't want you to snipe their best card in hand. Cortex Lock and Aiki are both surprisingly taxing for their rez costs.


So far the deck has performed really well in initial testing, 75% winrate in the first 20 games. An Anansi is probably worth including, and Envelope might not really be good enough. 3 Aiki is probably too much? Celebrity Gift could potentially replace Hedge Fund too. More testing needed. There's also no recursion, and that might be useful for getting Quests or Complete Images back.

Thanks for taking a look and I hope you enjoy the deck! Any suggestions or tweaking ideas would be welcome.

Quest Completed

21 Nov 2020 Diogene

It work really well. Congratulation for another successful deck. I have to make more tests, but for now, it is quite nice.

I'll probably try with strange ices to see if it could help. I'm thinking of using Lockdown instead of Cortex Lock, Mganga for Aiki (Aiki worked well in my trials) and maybe Neural Katana instead of envelope. This is mainly just to push the boundaries. Aiki, Cortex Lock and Envelope worked really well. Aiki cost a lot to break compare to the rez cost (it cost 4 creds for Engolo, and 1 cred to rez). Same goes for Cortex Lock. And Envelope give you ETR (not many aside from that and Data Loop).

After Daily Quest, I think Bacterial Programming is brilliant here. It setup the game in the best way possible. Loads of fun!

25 Dec 2020 4649matt

I love this list. It is clever without being jank. Trying the list with a slight variation now:

-1 Aiki, -1 Data Loop, +2 Slot Machine

When you win the psi game Aiki is great, but 3 was too many. Similar for Data Loop, the 7c cost made 3 too many. Slot Machine gives information, is still taxing to the runner, and fulfills the influence cost for Salem.

-1 Rashida Jaheem, -1 NGO Front, +2 Preemptive Action

Other econ tools worked well enough to keep from feeling poor, so cut the assets to make room for recursion.