1st Place Dutch Nats: The Crocodile and the Dorm Computer

ryanbantwins 2257

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This is the runner deck that I played in the Dutch nationals (40 players). This deck went 4-0 on the day with wins against ASA, MTI glacier, Titan and Argus. Yes you’ve heard that correct, I won a nationals by playing a total of 8 games (could have been 6, but Michiel didn’t want to ID and we ended up splitting anyways). Long live byes and Intentional draws.

Underrated cards in Val

Deuces Wild: It's a Build Script in some matchups and a Career Fair/Modded for tags in other matchups with a few edge case scenarios where you can do weird stuff with it. Consistently good!

Falsified Credentials: Spending 2 influence on an additional Sure Gamble seems fair. Being able to able to play Sure Gamble while checking remotes is an amzing tempo vs asset spam. Saving 15 credits on an NGO in the remote is game changing. Saving your ass vs Mushin is priceless.

Gbahali: This functions as a fourth copy of your breakers in the early game, if you really need to get through a gearcheck. Late game it can be an incredible efficient breaker (Archer, Surveyor, ...). It's also your only answer vs Excalibur and UCF.

Dorm Computer: This card is not a joke!! It has been amazing in both the Belgian and the Dutch nats. Why? It's suprisingly versatile in multiple matchups.

  • The original use was to counter ARES. Multiple ARES's make it impossible to contest the assets in the late game. Because you can no longer money up, and trash multiple assets in the same turn. Slums is strictly better in this (besides the install cost), but is just dead in every other matchup.

  • Apparently the Americans reinvented the fun method of jamming QPM's behind Data Ravens.

  • Argus is one of the most popular corp decks at the moment. Preventing multiple tags in one run (Mausolus, data raven, prisec, argus ID,...) is pretty insane.

  • Yes, I basically install it in (almost) every matchup. It's still good against IP Block and FC3.

  • Some other reasons why it's great: Can't scarcity it, won't Azmari it, best breaker for turnpike, Enhanced Login protocol, ruining slotmachine triggers, Degree Mill, meme value, ...

Overrated cards in Val

Aumakua, Indexing and Earthrise Hotel.

Thanks to Kelfecil for organising this tournament so smoothly and to everybody from the Belgian crew for an amazing weekend. Especially to Clusterfox, because without him we would probably not be able to participate in so many raiding parties.

And remember, Always Be Running!

22 Oct 2018 Cluster Fox

<3 See other deck for comments. Dorm Computer is a meme in Belgium.

23 Oct 2018 Inactivist

I love this, because Dorm Computer was a meme in Australia too

23 Oct 2018 Shieldwall

I might sound dumb, but what's ARES? I see it popping up all the time in the descriptions, but still don't know what it is. Great deck, tho

23 Oct 2018 ryanbantwins

Ares=AR-Enhanced Security

It's a nasty agenda in asset spam and it stacks.

23 Oct 2018 Shieldwall

oh, okay. Yes, it's nasty AF. Not sure why the deck packs only one Dorm Computer and only one Gbahali. Is the idea to use it only for certain high-value run(s)? I'm kinda newbish and sorta scared of non-sustainable tactics and I'd appreciate some recommendations on how to work with limited resources. Thanks in advance.

25 Oct 2018 Elodius

About time Bantwins (the 'ryan' is silent on stream) !

30 Oct 2018 lunchmoney

With only one Dorm Computer were you seeing it with any sort of regularity?

How did The Archivist work out? Never seen that one in action.

31 Oct 2018 mejarkonsaj

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